Saudio Smart Bulb Review: Need to Think Twice

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

There’s a lot to consider in the conversation about Saudio LED Smart Bulb and its Pros and Cons.

So let’s have a deeper look on Saudio LED Smart Bulbs.


  • Effective Voice Control & Amazing Alexa Compatibility
  • Group Control
  • Standard White Color
  • Energy Saving Capability


  • Inadequate Brightness
  • Penniless Connectivity
  • Impoverished Google Home Assistant compatibility
  • Poor Longevity

Let’s Discuss Pros of Saudio Smart Bulb Review

Effective Voice Control & Amazing Alexa Compatibility

The Smart Life application is decent, but the Alexa integration is arguably the most impressive feat of the deal. Voice commands work really well on these.

The bulbs are pretty responsive. There’s not much waiting time when you command Alexa to perform an action.

It’s almost instantaneous. The lights can go from 1% to 100% brightness with no issues.

They can change to different colors, you can select from the color wheel.

Group Control

Next thing that I loved about them is their easy to execute group control feature.

Only one command can switch all the lights on and things like that.

They work individually using Alexa for example, when I say “Alexa turn the kitchen blue”, only kitchen lights switch to blue and others remain unresponsive.

Standard White Color

Standard white color is missing from the offers of many smart bulbs offering millions of color.

I recently reviewed Peteme Smart LED Light Bulb and one of its Cons that I mentioned was very lack of standard white color.

But in these bulbs you get Original White Color, without even a tinge of impurity that certainly is a huge plus especially for the white lovers

Energy Saving Capability

Energy saving capability has an impact.

Smart bulbs don’t give this feature very often, but these bulbs are energy efficient.

So along with amazing colors and modes, enjoy a fair reduction in bills as well.   

Let’s discuss Cons of Saudio Smart Bulb Review

Inadequate brightness

First off, I didn’t find these bulbs bright enough to illuminate my lounge.

Perhaps my expectations are far stretched as they offer only a 700 Luminous flux.

Penniless Connectivity

These bulbs are simply problematic towards resetting and connecting to Wi-Fi.

I never had any problem with any other product, I have numerous smart home devices connected to my Wi-Fi including smart locks, cameras and locks.

But these bulbs lose connection constantly and I have to delete all the bulbs from the app and reinstall pretty regularly.

My friend who bought four packs of 2, has following comments:

“The bulbs constantly lose connection and then they are uncontrollable. The schedule I set for the bulbs didn’t save. After I re-did the bulb schedule, only 2 of the 4 bulbs were connected so only 2 turned on.”

Impoverished Google Home Assistant compatibility

The product has poor integration with Google Home’s application.

In order to set up the product with a Google Home, you’ll have to download a third party app for managing smart home appliances.

It took me a few hours to figure out how to setup the light, and my router would only allow one of the lights to be connected at a time.

I recommend looking for a bulb that is meant specifically for either your Google or Alexa device.

Poor Longevity

Though they claim their product is long lasting but my experience is different. One of 4 bulbs burned out just after two weeks.

All my friends who bought these bulbs have reported one or two pieces burning out soon after unboxing.

Beware against the use of normal switches

Let me warn you against the use of normal lights switches in turning them Off/On.

If you turn them off using normal lights switch, you have to turn them back on using the same switch, and here onsets the problem.

After that, it takes forever for them to sync again with your Wi-Fi and the app (or Alexa). I will only turn them Off or On now using Alexa, unless my Wi-Fi is out.

Disable your 5G Network completely!

It’s commendable that they have mentioned that these bulbs work only with 2.4 GHz network, I appreciate that but the point I really deplore is that they didn’t mention that these bulbs wouldn’t even connect to a compatible network of 2.4 GH, when a 5g connection is only active, not connected but just giving signals actively.

You have to disable your 5g network to let these bulbs connect to 2.4 GHz compatible network, else they don’t work.

How to use Saudio LED Smart Bulb

Textbook manual to install the bulbs is very easy.

1. Download the Smart life App, connect your lights to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.  Mention in the app which devices you want to connect. 

2. Screw in the bulbs.

3. Now switch the lights On/Off/On/Off/On/Off, yes 3 times and little swiftly.

4. Now lights should start blinking. Follow the instructions given on the manual and name your bulb. 

5. Now you can find the bulb on Alexa and Google Home Assistant as well.

6. Congrats, you are all set to use the lights.