Is Reolink A Good Brand?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Our discussion will be brief and to the point. These cameras are excellent. When it comes to entertainment and app functionality, Reolink‘s cameras are among the best on the market.

There were, however, some slight delays between notification & live view while using Reolink’s Argus 2 or Argus Eco video surveillance throughout our lengthy testing.

Compared to the leading DIY security manufacturers, we know that all 3 of these Reolink cameras are priced in the mid-range. To our surprise, we discovered the Argus 2 to be an excellent value at only $95.

To others, the $109.99 Argus 3 can be a turn-off since it’s so expensive. Keep in mind that this camera’s new capabilities and sleeker form make it an essential player in terms of adaptability. 

We have grown to love it even more because of its fashionable design and sturdy, waterproof construction.

However, we’d be remiss if the $65 Eco were not an even better offer. Compared to the Arlo Basic camera, which costs $130, our Eco camera is much more weather- and impact-resistant and sturdy. 

What a massive difference in pricing! Even using Eco, we could get 1080p HD footage that was on par with Arlo Essential’s quality.

Is Reolink A Good Brand?

It’s hard to overlook the importance of Reolink’s low rates, customizable software, and dedicated hardware when looking for a new home security system.

Is Reolink A Chinese Company?

Reolink, a Chinese company, is gaining traction. This one is being sold directly from the company’s website, and Amazon is providing fulfillment. 

And some of their pricing is so high that Dahua and Hikvision appear like bargains.

Can Reolink Cameras Be Hacked?

Yes. Several methods exist for hacking into your home security cameras. Camera and baby monitors and webcams may be hacked due to a lack of basic security measures, the use of default settings and easy passwords, or security camera hack software.

If your webcam or home video security camera has been included in the list of insecure IP cameras, you may not have known about it. Consider the indications and be sure your security camera hasn’t been compromised.

  • Strange Sounds Coming from The IP Camera or Baby Monitor? Check It Out

Detecting the signs that the IP camera has indeed been hacked might be a challenge. However, one stands out immediately. There’s no question that the security camera has been hijacked, and somebody is spying on you via the video if they hear a strange voice.

According to reports and videos of the incident, hackers can listen in on your chats and interact with your children remotely through a hacked security camera on your baby monitor. Isn’t it terrifying?

  • Your Security Camera’s Rotation May Be Off

If you discover that the home surveillance video is tracking your every move, it is quite probable that your camera has been hacked. 

Your pan-tilt camera has been hacked and is now under the hacker’s control. A compromised security camera and the baby monitor may start rotating or pointing in an unexpected direction.

  • See Whether Anything Has Been Changed In The Security Settings

Checking to see whether the security parameters have been altered or if the password has been reset to its default value is an essential first step. 

Depending on the settings, the individual who hacked into the security camera may leave behind some clues. Some prideful security camera hackers rename their cameras “Upgrade Firmware.”

  • Look For A Flashing LED Light

A sporadically flickering LED light is another way to see if someone has tampered with your webcam security camera. 

It is a red flag if the LED light on the security camera is flickering at random. You may need to restart your computer if this is the case. 

If the light blinks after ten minutes or so, open the Task Manager, choose the “processes” tab, and type “winlogon.exe” into the search field. 

To guarantee that your computer is not infected with a Trojan, unplug the computer from the Internet, then conduct a comprehensive system scan using an antivirus tool.

  • Keep Your Eyes Open For A Flashing LED Light

If the LED light is on, even if you didn’t activate it, it’s a red flag if the security camera has indeed been hacked.

This includes switching on and off your surveillance video when it is hacked. To determine whether the surveillance system has been compromised, you must do the following procedures if the LED is on and you are sure you have not activated your camera.

  • Verify The Security Camera’s Data Flow

Hacking a security camera might be difficult to detect. You can keep tabs on how data moves across your network and through your security camera. 

Be on the lookout for unexpected surges in your video feed’s invalid login network traffic.

Who Is Reolink Owned By?

Shenzhen Baichuan Security Technology Co., Ltd., a producer of security cameras and other surveillance equipment, owns the Reolink trademark.

Is Reolink A Security Risk?

Vulnerability in the Reolink P2P products has been discovered that does not adequately safeguard the data sent between both the local device and the Reolink servers. 

An attacker may be able to access private data, such as live video feeds, in this way. This vulnerability has been issued the CVE-2020-25169 identifier.

Security Camera Hacking: What You Need to Know

Is there any evidence that your security camera has been hacked? That’s great to hear! Has your home’s security system been breached? Discovering the truth is a benefit! 

Many things can and should be done on your own to keep your security cameras safe from being hacked in the future or from being hacked at all.

Daniel, a security specialist with more than five years of expertise regarding security camera hacking concerns, recommended the following five tips:

Invest In Surveillance Cameras With High-Level Cryptography

You should only buy security cameras from a reputable retailer or brand name to protect your loved ones and assets. 

Even if you’ve protected your passwords, router, and everything else recommended keeping the security cameras from becoming hacked, it’s easy to hack a security camera that lacks the appropriate security encryption measures.

IP cameras with sophisticated security features, such as SSL/TLS encryption and WPA2-AES encryption, can keep most CCTV camera hackers at bay if purchased from a reputable company.

Use a Password Manager to Protect Your Camera Passwords

Default passwords and usernames for security cameras increase the risk of their being hacked. Do you know that most hacked security camera websites ping each device on the Internet and see whether one of the most frequent default passwords works?

Don’t let the video surveillance fall into this easy trap, either. Don’t mistake using a password that is easy for someone else to guess. 

Use a password containing at least six characters, a mix of lower- and uppercase letters, digits, and special characters. Make sure to update your password often as well.

Make Sure Your Router Is Safe At Home

It’s possible that your security camera was hacked simply because it was left open. For example, a neighbor may unintentionally access your network and compromise your CCTV camera while using your free Internet service. 

When using wifi for the security system, be sure to secure it with a strong password. If you want to keep the home security camera safe from hackers, you may use an NVR to create a subnet for your cameras.

NVR cameras can record and save to the NVR without contacting your home wifi network. The remote camera subnet is impenetrable to others.

Access To Your Home Network Should Be Restricted

You should limit the number of devices that may access the security system, ensuring that only personal computers, mobile devices, and laptops can log in. As an added layer of security, you may utilize a private network to control which devices are allowed access.

Make Sure Your CCTV Camera’s Firmware Is Updated

Verify that your security camera’s new firmware includes all previously mentioned repairs and upgrades. To correct various issues and maintain up-to-date features, download the newest firmware.

Generally, a website gives links to the newest firmware downloads always to keep your camera updated and safe. Don’t purchase those low-cost cameras if you don’t have access to frequent firmware updates.

Install Firewalls & Antivirus Programs

Security cameras are vulnerable to hacking, but firewalls and antivirus software can help keep them safe from viruses and malware that may compromise them.

If the surveillance camera has been attacked and you need to protect it, here is a checklist that you can save to your phone’s album to go over all the important items.


A connection to the Internet or cellular service is required for all Reolink’s cameras. In general, any wifi internet connection should be compatible with Reolink, but before signing up for a contract, check specifically if the phone plan is suitable for your Go camera.