How to watch Apple TV on LG TV?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Technology undoubtedly keeps moving one step ahead every single day. There was a time when the only means of entertainment used to be Radio. Slowly came television, and then the magical world of the internet.

With the advancement of the internet, a whole new set of entertainment came forward, with the availability of being able to watch anything anytime on devices. Apple TV is one such platform that facilitates this. You can watch it on your TV set.

How To Watch Apple TV On LG TV?

The Apple TV app is available on most of the LG Smart TVs that have come in 2018 onwards. All you have to do is install the app on your LG TV. After you have installed the app, you have to select and stream content on it.

Step By Step Guide To Watch Apple TV On LG TV

If you are having trouble watching something on Apple TV, then worry not because these steps would help you out in the process:

  • Your first should be to go to the app launcher bar. It would be on your device’s home screen. Here you will find the Apple TV app icon; select and open it.
  • Now in case, the Apple TV app is not installed on your LG Smart TV’s home screen, then worry not. You can always download the application by following the simple sets of directions.
  • Go to your LG Smart TV’s Watch Now screen. Then, move downwards to find Apple TV+. From there you can watch your favorite content without any issues.
  • Now you can do these two things:

1. If you wish to watch anything or open it in a channel then Select the Play option or Open In. You would also find directions on your screen for a subscription if you do not have one.

2. You can watch all the premium shows on Apple TV+ or Apple TV channels by selecting the button for subscribing.

How To Subscribe To Apple TV+?

Subscribing to Apple TV is quite simple. You just have to take the given directions:

  • Open the Apple TV app and select Watch Now from the menu bar.
  • Then simply navigate down to view Apple TV channels and choose Apple TV+.
  • Click on the subscription button and proceed with the instructions as they appear on the screen.

How To Subscribe To An Apple TV Channel?

This is also similar to the previous methods. You just have to find Watch Now from the menu and after viewing Apple TV channels, you can pick the channels you wish to watch and repeat the subscription process.

Apple TV also gives you the option for a free trial of a channel and once the trial period is over the respective Apple Id is charged for the same. The channel content can also be downloaded for offline viewing by simply selecting the channel and content and pressing the Download icon next to a movie or TV show.

How To Buy/ Rent A Movie With Apple TV On Your LG TV?

Apple TV also comes with a feature to buy/ rent a movie which makes it economical. If someone does not wish to buy a particular movie or TV show then they can always rent it. You just have to find the movie and pick the choice with which you want to go.

  • To buy a movie go to the Store Tab on Apple TV and click on Movies or TV Shows.
  • Select the movie or TV show and tap on the Buy button.
  • To rent a movie, repeat the process and just select rent from the options. However, not all movies are available as rentals. Once you rent it you must finish it within 30 days from the date of renting it otherwise it automatically gets removed from the library.
  • Also, remember that once you have clicked on Play, you have to finish the concerned movie or TV show within 48 hours.

How to watch Apple TV on LG TV 2018?

Apple TV has been released on many platforms and LG TVs are also compatible with it. As far as the models from 2018 are considered, the Apple TV app is available to install for selected 2018 LG webOS 4.0 and later models. LG has assured its users that they will not need to get any additional set-top box for Apple TV and it will be available not only for the newer models but the older ones too from 2018 and 2019.

  • To watch Apple TV on LG TV 2018 tap the Apps icon and look for Apple TV+ and move ahead with the instructions visible on the screen to download and install Apple TV+.
  • Following the installation open the Apple TV+ app and sign in with your Apple ID to watch your favorite movies or TV Shows.

Why I Can’t Find Apple TV On LG TV?

Not Finding Apple TV on LG TV is a common problem. However, do not fret as it has been released for LG TVs from the 2018 series. If the Apple TV app does not appear in the App Launcher area then the app might not have been downloaded. You just need to download it using the needed steps to be able to see Apple TV on your LG TV 2018. The steps include searching for the Apple TV in App Launcher and downloading it. 

How Do I Cast My Apple TV To My LG TV?

Since Apple TV is present for download on LG TV 2018 and further models, there should not be any hassle to view it on LG TVs. But if you are using older models or any incompatible model you can always stream Apple TV via LG-compatible devices like Roku, Firestick, iPhone, etc. Using standard Cast procedures. To cast the Apple TV you can use Airplay which is the standard screen share technology.

How to get Apple TV on older LG Smart TV?

The advent of technology may sometimes push the older models to a setback but older LG TVs can also use Apple Tv via other standard streaming methods compatible with LG TV. To view Apple TV on older LG Smart TV you can use your iPhone, Roku, or Firestick to have access to Apple TV.

How To Reset The Apple TV App?

On many occasions what happens is that the Apple TV app on your LG smart TV starts to misbehave or malfunction. If this starts to happen, one option to deal with this problem is to reset the Apple TV app on your smart TV. Resetting the app would erase all the data, including the configuration, as well as accounts. Now how to do it is explained below.

  • Go to the home screen of your Apple TV app on the LG TV and from there, navigate to the settings section of the app.
  • Now try to find the Reset option in there and select it.
  • This would reset the Apple TV app on your LG TV and restore it to its original settings. That means all your personal information, TV shows, movies, and other details have been deleted/removed from the LG smart TV.

What To Do If Apple TV Does Not Work On LG TV?

On some occasions, your Apple TV app may not function on your LG smart TV. It might open but then freeze. It might even keep loading to never actually finish the process. If that is the case, you can try taking help from the following tips:

  • It might be a problem with the initialization of your LG TV. If that is the case, the fix is quite simple. All you need to do is unplug the TV. Then, just wait for a few moments before plugging it again. Make sure you have unplugged it long enough to drain the power completely.
  • It could also be an issue with your server. So, you could probably use a different DNS server. In addition to this, you might also want to disconnect from the internet and connect it again.
  • The problem could be with the app itself if the above two solutions are not working. In this case, you could first uninstall the app. Then, you can install it again and see if it is working. If it is not, you could try resetting the app. You could also update the app.


Hope you can now watch Apple TV on your LG TV easily. If you face any issues, you know some of the quick steps you can take to resolve them. However, you should not try to open your TV or insert things into it, if it is not working. Instead, consult an expert.