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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Have you recently noticed that your tv is suddenly changing the brightness levels or switching on and off abruptly? Screen flickering is not something you enjoy, especially when glued on the screen watching your favourite show.

Besides, it is an indication that there is something wrong with your device. There are several causes of screen flickering, and all need guidance not only to identify but also to fix.

Fortunately, we have done our homework and discussed some of the five solutions to fix LG TV screen flickering.

But before that, we give closure on the root of the problem. Let’s get moving.

What are the causes of LG TV screen flickering?

A flickering screen is a shred of evidence that your device is faulty. In some cases, the damage is not that serious, and easily identify it all by yourself.

However, before that, try switching the device off for some minutes and then switch it on. If the flickering stops, then the screen is in good condition.

However, if it persists, check on the well-being of the following parts;

  1. Outdated software

Besides the hardware part, these devices have embedded software that passes instructions when a user receives a command. The LG TV software undergoes continuous maintenance to help fix bugs and improve the user experience.

Consequently, old software’s are not good for your device. There are prone to attacks that would result in issues like flickering. 

  1. Inconsistent wi-fi connection

Additionally, if you are using a wi-fi connection for streaming, then it is the problem

Routers emit signals which would mess up with the normal video display. Besides, if the strength of the internet connection is weak, it take a few more seconds or even minutes to load the content from the internet, which would lead to flickering.

  1. Energy efficiency feature

The energy-saving feature is commonly used to save on power consumption by optimizing the brightness levels. However, the LG screens are quite sophisticated and usually require a certain amount of power to function properly.

Consequently, if the input power is below the needed power, it result in the flickering of the screen. 

  1. Internal hardware problems

Additionally, there is a possibility that your device has internal hardware problems. It is possible that the cabling system is damaged or the supply board is inefficient.

If any component in the video transmission line gets faulty, it result in video flickering. 

  1. Video source

Video flickering is usually a result of an upgrade, downgrade or change from the previous video quality. If you are streaming a video and there was an abrupt downgrade or upgrade of the video, it result in flickering.

Besides, if the video source has other unseen issues, it interrupt the normal screen display. 

  1. Faulty cables

Data in appliances is transmitted through cables such as HDMI cables. Thus, if the cable is faulty, it delays the data transmission or even stop it. As a result, there is no video on the screen, and in some other cases, the video be delayed or abruptly stopped.

  1. Power surges

Sudden changes in the current flow in the power input system result in power surges which would cause the screen to blink. 

Five solutions to LG TV screen flickering

Most of the causes of screen flickering easily be fixed. However, you shouldn’t do guesswork, especially if you have to interfere with the hardware part of the LG TV.

First, diagnose the problem and check which of the below fixes resolve your problem.

  1. Turn off the computer

One of the easiest solutions to fixing a flickering screen is turning off the television.

Using the remote, press the power button and then unplug the power cable. Wait for at least 14 seconds before powering the device.

Check out the next solution if turning off the device does not resolve the flickering.

  1. Check loose cable connection

some types of cables have an unexpected change in brightness and color intensity. Besides, if the connection is loose, there is trouble transmitting data, resulting in delays in some frames.

To resolve this, you should ensure that all the cables are tightly connected. Further, you should check that the cables are in good condition and free from rust which would increase resistance. 

  1. Electrical interface

Have you ever wondered why you are always advised to place the television away from other heavy power tools? The appliance would cause electrical interference that disrupts the electric circuit.

If you suspect that the item around the LG TV is causing electric interference, causing the flickering, change its position.

However, if you are confused about which of the several devices is causing the interference, try switching off the suspected culprit and then switch the tv for at least five minutes.

  1. Connectivity issues

As we earlier said, poor connection cause the screen to blink, especially if you are live streaming. 

Solve the connection problem by upgrading your internet to improve its speed.

  1. Energy saving

The energy-saving feature reduces the power consumed by reducing the power flow to the needed minimum. 

Considering the current flow when on this mode is not enough for the normal functioning of the LG TV, you have to deactivate the energy-saving mode to solve the flickering issue. 

Other solutions to LG tv screen flickering are;

  1. Update the software 

Bugs in the software are a cause of screen flickering. Fortunately, the LG brand constantly updates its software to fix these bugs.

Thus, you must always ensure using the latest available software. If not, visit LG TV software’s page to check and download their latest software.

Fortunately, they are all available for free download.

  1. Use of power surge protector 

Inconsistency in current flow is another cause of screen blinking. A power surge protector streamlines the current flow in the circuit, which resolves the power surges.

In most cases, LG devices come with a power surge protector. However, if damaged, replace it or hire a pro for that. 

  1. Change the TV picture setting

Smart devices usually have a troubleshooting mechanism that use to diagnose and solve an issue.

Press the home button on the remote and select settings. On this page, press on the picture test.

A pop-up screen appears for you inquiring about the picture test; enter okay and follow the guidelines to troubleshoot the device.

If there were a problem found, you would be offered a possible solution in most cases.

  1. Replace or repair faulty hardware

If you suspect physical damage to the cables, you will have to replace them. Power off the device and change the ports to check if they are the problem.

Similarly, inspect the power boards and all other internal hardware and replace them. 

Final words

Screen flickering is usually a result of delay of data transmission, which results in video frame delays or a faulty data transfer line.

There are several causes of screen flickering, such as faulty hardware, bugs, or even the energy-saving feature—fortunately, you can solve some of these problems without involving a technician.

For instance, if you suspect that the energy-saving feature is the problem, you can visit the picture of the setting using the remote and turn it off. Similarly, you can relocate the faulty hardware or update the outdated software.

Even better, besides helping you identify the source of your problem, we have discussed some simple solutions to an LG tv screen flickering. 

Not every solution works on your problem, but you can get one that suits your case. You have all the details with you, so it is up to you to choose. 

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