Does Google Pay Work Without The Internet?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Recently, I wanted to make some payments on Google pay without the internet. The area where I lived and tried to use Google pay did not have the access to the internet. I could open the Google Wallet app and proceed as usual. But, when I tried to make the payment in a store, it said I could not move forward.

After that incident, I wanted to find more information, and I found lots of information.

Can I Use Google Pay Work Without The Internet?

Yes, Google Pay works fine without the internet, as the Google Wallet is available offline. That is why Google suggests you turn off data or WiFi when you have weaker signals. But, the features will be a limiting factor for you as Google Wallet will restrict some payment options.

I inquired about Google Pay from Google, and they mentioned that I could not make payments unless the bank allowed me to do that. Although some banks allow the Google Pay user to store many tokens, most banks won’t let their customers to do that.

I found that there are some banks that never allow their users to make Google Pay Payments offline. It means you can’t purchase items without the internet.

Note: If you want to make offline payments, you must ask your bank if “they allow offline tokens for Google Pay.”

Google Pay Offline vs. Apple Pay Offline?

I was an Apple Pay user once, which was a fine method for me due to its simplicity. The price I had to pay for the particular simplicity was the lack of security. Several times, my account was either restricted or reported for spamming.

After going through various online sources, I found Google pay is more secure and enables the highest security for the users through the tokenized process.

How Google Pay works Offline?

Google Pay works through tokens that Google Wallet downloads. When a user adds a card to their Google Wallet, the card is stored as an encrypted token. That token holds a value, and it is known as a dynamic primary account number (DPAN).

When a particular user makes a payment, Google adds a terminal instead of the actual credit card number.

Because of that, anyone can’t see or get access to the actual credit card number. Since the token has been saved in the smartphone, the user will be able to use it for payments. But only when the particular bank or the card company has allowed that.

Note: Google has allowed its users to add several cards to the Google Wallet. That has enabled making more offline payments. As soon as you connect with the network, the updating will occur.

What Kind Of Payments Can I Make Using Google Pay Offline?

You can make any payment if you have saved Tokens onto your phone. Obviously, it is up to the bank you work with.

Google doesn’t want you to have an internet connection for this. But Google recommends you connect to the internet at least once in a couple of days to update the card.

How To Make Offline Google Payments?

After trying several ways, I found the easiest way to make the payment offline. If you are in an offline r remote, please form the network, you may follow this A-Z guide.

What you need

  • NFC supported smartphone
  • Android version 4.4 Installed
  • Credit Card for a Bank partnered with Google Pay

Note: This link mentions the supported banks.

Setting Up The Google Wallet

  • Install Google Wallet App (Go to play store if you are an Android user. If you are an Apple user, go to App Store)
  • Follow on-screen instructions to set up the app

Adding A Card

  • Click on the Profile Icon in the top right corner
  • Tap on “Set Up Payment methods.”
  • Choose “Add a credit card or debit Card.”
  • Give “Proceed” at the verification dialogue.
  • Capture a photo of the credit card/debit card or manually enter the card number
  • Accept the terms and conditions by scrolling down to the bottom of the agreement and choosing to accept

Note: You must have an active internet connection at the money as the Google Wallet goes through the verification from the bank.

  • After the verification process is successful, you will receive an OTP (A Six digit number)to your mobile phone number or email.
  • Enter the OTP and tap on the “Default Tap and Pay” option

Note: You specified the OTP verification earlier for the particular card. If you don’t get the code, you must contact the bank or the card issuer.

  • Now you will see the added card in the payment options of Google Wallet

Identifying A Store Or A Service Provider That Accepts Google Pay Contactless Payments

You must see one of these 02 icons in the stores to make a Google Pay payment offline

They are,

  • Google Pay Icon
  • Contactless Pay Icon

Note: You will see them at the cash register when you are at the checkout or on the terminal screen. Personally, I saw some shops displaying the icons on their doors.

I found below two links from Google Pay that list the stores and places where you can pay with Google Pay.

Turn Off The Data Of Your Smartphone

You must make sure your smartphone doesn’t receive even weaker signals. You must turn off data and WiFi or enable airplane mode now.

  • Turn on NFC on your phone
  • Drag the status bar down and enable NFC or
  • Go to settings app > connections and enable NFC

Making The Payment In The Store

  • Tap on the display and wake up the smartwatch
  • Unlock the smartwatch using Face Unlock, fingerprint, and unlock pattern or the passcode
  • Note: I saw that users had turned on the wallet app on their devices after waking up and unlocking. It is unnecessary.
  • Hold the back of your smartphone on the contactless payment reader for a few seconds
  • You will see a checkmark on the screen and the amount. That indicates the completion of your offline Google Pay payment!

Why won’t Google Pay Work Offline?

I Found These Reasons That Could Prevent You From Making The Google Pay Offline Payment.

  • Not holding the smartphone in the right position (The NFC antennae may come in different positions of the phone)
  • Not holding the smartphone close enough to the contactless reader
  • Your bank doesn’t approve offline payments
  • Your smartphone doesn’t have an NFC antennae

(You may follow this link that has listed out smartphones. You may verify if your smartphone has NFC as a feature)

  • You have weaker network access at the moment


I think you must have found a way to work with Google Pay offline. If you still have issues, try contacting your bank.

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