Do You Need A LAN Adapter For Samsung Smart TV?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

What is the best feature of a smart TV? I would say that it is its ability to connect to the internet. It lets you enter into the most engaging places on the internet and that too, on a big screen. This creates a wonderful experience you cannot get on your phone. 

But sometimes, the connectivity is slow or it goes out of range. Has that ever happened to you? Well, no worries! There are a ton of products in the market to improve your electronic gadgets. One of them is a LAN adapter. Read on to find out more.

Do You Need A LAN Adapter For Samsung Smart TV?

You do not necessarily need a LAN adapter to make your smart TV function.

That said, the adapter can still help you a lot. It will let you connect your smart TV to other compatible gadgets. Thus, it will let you stream whatever you want to watch from your phone. Also, it can improve the range and speed of your internet if you are using WiFi. The best part is that it can make your TV load faster!

Hold On, Can You Use The Internet Without A LAN Adapter?

Yes, you can! But your TV does not have a Data card? You can still access the internet.  You can directly connect your TV to the network. For this, you must go to the network settings of your TV and connect it to your Wi-Fi by typing in your password. You may also need to use your SSID for this process. 

Another way to connect your TV to the Wi-Fi is by pressing the WPS button on your router. In this way, your smart TV will automatically get connected to the internet. You do not need to do anything on the TV. However, your router must be a good one. You should ensure that it has the technology for this method to work.

What Is A Wireless LAN Adapter?

LAN stands for local area network. A wireless LAN adapter lets you connect your devices to wireless networks. It is a hardware device that can be installed on your electronic gadget. You can do this provided the devices are compatible with each other in terms of both hardware and software.

Why Does Samsung Smart Tv Need A LAN Adapter?

A LAN adapter can offer you several benefits. Some of the advantages of such adapters advantages are outlined as under:

  • Reduces The Loading Time

All of us are familiar with that circular loading symbol. It usually appears at the worst of times, when you are home from a tough day at work or when you are really looking forward to watching a new show! 

A wireless LAN adapter can help with this. It will make your connection faster. Therefore, you would not have to wait long for your TV to load. However, the speed depends on what kind of service you use. In addition to this, it will stabilize your internet connection. Therefore, you will not keep losing connectivity. This will significantly reduce lag. 

If you want to improve the speed of the internet on your TV, even more, you should consider purchasing a new router with better speed.

  • Improves Range

Usually, when you fix a place for your TV, you will have to ensure that you get WiFi over there. This means that there is a maximum distance you can go from your router. So, the options you have are limited. Else, you have to purchase another router and go through the complicated process of synchronizing both your routers. The maximum distance you can go depends on the strength of your wifi. However, it is usually thirty feet from your router. Nonetheless, if you have a LAN Adapter, you can improve this range. It means that you can go farther away from your router. 

  • Links Your Other Devices

Do you have pictures or other media that you want to see on a bigger screen? You can use a LAN adapter to do that. The adapter allows you to connect your electronic gadgets to your smart TV.

Thus you can stream content from your phone. Also, you can transfer pictures and videos. 

what is an internal LAN adapter?

Before moving into the next section, let me introduce a fairly new term to you. It’s an Internal LAN adapter.

An internal LAN adapter is a network interface card (NIC) that is built into a device, such as a computer or a smart TV.

It has the ability to connect to a local area network (LAN).

It allows the device to communicate with other devices on the same network and access resources such as printers, files, and the internet.

Does Samsung Smart TV have an internal LAN adapter?

Some smart TVs have an internal adapter. In such a Samsung smart TV, external LAN adapters will not work.

An internal LAN adapter is a device that you can fix into the motherboard of the Smart TV. 

For TVs without internal internet, you would need to use a linkstick. Linkstick is a wireless USB adapter. 

This wireless USB 2.0 Adapter gives an immediate way to Info Link RSS Data like News, sports news, and weather on your Samsung Smart tv. Therefore it also gives clear views of pictures and videos.

It supports all functions in Samsung smart TVs. As well as it is easy to set up.

What are the best wireless LAN adapters for Samsung smart TV?

There are so many LAN adapters available in the market today, however, you should use only a Samsung LAN  adapter for your Samsung smart tv. Don’t use other LAN adapters that make it more difficult to set up your TV and it will slow the process of your TV. You have to be careful while choosing a LAN adapter for your smart TV. You have to check whether the chosen LAN adapter will match your Samsung Smart TV. There are some of the best LAN adapters that will match your Samsung smart tv:

Samsung WIS09ABGN- Link stick Wireless LAN adapter:

These Samsung wireless LAN adapters will work with IEEE802. These Samsung LAN adapters support Samsung’s smart tv, allshareTM, or Info link. while using this LAN adapter you can feel different views on your Samsung smart tv. This wireless LAN adapter fits easily to info link RSS data. You can watch pictures and videos clearly when using this LAN adapter. This Samsung LAN adapter not only works with Samsung smart tv but also connects with your home network. 


This LAN Adapter is the best internal LAN Adapter among all of them for Samsung smart TV. Moreover, it is the most successful internal LAN adapter available in the market to be used in a large range of Samsung smart TV. However, it will not match with another newly designed smart tv. Newly coming smart tv is having WIFI on their own. While using this Samsung wireless LAN adapter you can watch videos and can see images without any disturbances. It does not slow down the process of your tv.

10Gb PCI-E NIC, PCI Express Ethernet LAN adapter:

This is a LAN Adapter provided with a 10Gtek controller chip. The parts used in this LAN adapter make the server more stable. It is quite easy to connect with your Samsung smart TV. While using this type of LAN adapter the power consumption is very less. Ultra-low-power usage will happen. Moreover, the CD drive having this LAN adapter makes it easy to fix it properly.

Dual Port 10G PCle Network Adapter LAN Card:

This LAN adapter has a double network interface card which has the capacity to transfer information at high speed. 

10Gb PCI-E NIC Network Card LAN Adapter:

 This internal Samsung LAN Adapter has a high-quality system that gives a clear view of images and videos. The system fixed with this LAN adapter makes the connection more stable. Moreover, this card is smooth and easy to fix on your Samsung smart TV.

All the above Samsung LAN Adapters will work well for your smart TV. You can choose any one of them by checking their quality and conditions.


I hope this article helped you in understanding a bit more about a wireless LAN adapter. It can certainly help you improve the performance of your smart TV, making your experience smooth and easy. However, you must be careful about using third-party adapters for your Samsung TV. You can use Samsung adapters instead. 

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