How Many Chime Pros Can I Use?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

So you’ve decided to use multiple Ring Chime Pro devices? Awesome! But is it even possible?

In this post, we’re going to answer this question and more. Let’s start talking, shall we?

Can you use more than one Ring Chime Pro?

Yes, you can use multiple Ring Chime Pros in your home.

How many ring chime pros can you have?

There is no clear answer to this question. Why? Because it depends on two factors.

What are the factors? That is what we’re going to tell you right now. The factors that need to be considered before giving this answer are the size of your house and the type of material you have near the place where you’ll put your Ring Chime Pro device.

Now that you’re familiar with the two defining factors for the answer to this question, let’s discuss both of these factors in detail, shall we?

As for the size of the house, you can’t operate more than two Ring Chime Devices within a radius of 30 feet. Even two devices may have trouble working within this range, therefore, if you want to use three devices within this radius we say forget it.

With that clear, why do even 2 devices may not work properly within this radius? The answer has something to do with that you can guess, so go ahead and give it a thought. Read the next paragraph if you’ve given it some thought or have decided to not give it any thought.

The answer is the 2nd factor. The material that you’ve within that radius. Any material like electronics and home appliances is likely to stop to prevent the Ring Doorbell from receiving the signals.

An important thing to note is that one Ring Chime Pro device will work completely fine, but if you put two, then you will need less material than we’ve described above within the radius, otherwise, one or both of your devices may not work properly.

Oh, just one more thing we’d like to address before we conclude this section. The main question was, how many Ring Chime Pro devices can I use? The answer is as long as you’re doing ok on both factors, you can use as many as you like.

Can I use two Ring Doorbells together?

Today, we’re all about using multiple devices at once in the same place, so why just stick to the Ring Chime Pro device instead why not talk about using multiple Ring Doorbells as well?

Since there is no reason not to do it, we’re going to talk about it. Alright, we’ve got to come clean. There is a point that we’d like to talk about.

The title of the post was Ring Chime Pro, so why are we talking about Ring Doorbells? The answer is that Ring Doorbells are directly related to Ring Chime Pro because they are a part of the whole package, therefore why not talk about the Ring Doorbells?

Since there is absolutely no reason, no good reason at least, but there is a good benefit for knowing the weather, using multiple Ring Doorbells is good for you so we’re going to talk about it.

So what was the question? Yes, can I use two Ring Doorbells together? The answer to this question is absolute!

But it doesn’t come without a cost. If your internet connection is weak or even completely fine, using both Ring Doorbell devices with one Ring Chime Pro may result in fewer signals for each device, which will result in both devices or at least one device not working properly.

So what’s the solution for it, the solution is quite simple and we’ve kind of already told you about it. We’ll give you a hint, it has something to do with your internet connection.

Yes, you’ve understood it right because your answer is correct. It’s whether your internet connection is great or completely fine. If your internet connection is great, only then you can realistically expect both Ring Doorbell devices to work perfectly.

Now the question becomes, how to know whether or not your internet connection is strong? Plus, how to make it strong.

First, we’re going to talk about how to check whether your internet connection is strong or not. To do this, you’ll have to check the RSSI value of your internet. RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator.

Alright, to check your internet’s RSSI value follow these steps.

  • Go to settings on your computer.
  • Click on the option called Network and Internet.
  • Once you’re in the Network and Internet section, find the option called Status. It should be the option on the top, but don’t just ignore it if it’s located at some other position because the section Status is where you have to go, no matter its position.
  • In this section, you’ll find an option called Network Status. Don’t focus on it. Why did we tell you about it? Because we just want to know its position after you know its position don’t focus on it.

Below this option, you’ll see a scale. See the value on that scale.

This is how you find the value of your internet’s RSSI. Ideally, the value should be 0 but just make sure it’s not below -5.

If it is below -5 then you’ll have to change the RSSI value. How to do that? We bet you don’t have a clue, but we do. So no need to worry about it because that is what we’re going to do during the rest of this section

How to change your RSSI value?

There are actually many ways you can change your RSSI value. The RSSI value could be weak because of many reasons and the solution for each problem is different therefore there are many ways to improve your internet’s RSSI value.

While there are many ways to improve your RSSI value, we’re only going to talk about the ones that are the best. In total, we’re going to tell you 4 ways. Doing even one of them will solve your problem, but if it doesn’t, then keep trying the other until you solve your problem.

Keep trying the methods in the exact order we’ve written. Start with the first one and then move to the second, then the second, then the third, then the fourth. 

Alright, now that everything is clear, let’s talk about the methods.

1. Get a modern router

If you’re using one of the old routers, lose it. The reason is quite simple, don’t use cave dweller technology and expect the speed of modern technology.

One way to put it is this, don’t use an arrow and expect it to reach the target in as less time as a bullet. That’s nonsense. The reason is it’s an outdated technology that is just not as fast and efficient as the new one.

So, if you’re using wireless A, B, and G routers, lose them and buy a Wireless N router.

2. Don’t hide the router

Don’t hide your router behind a TV or some other object. Why? Well, let’s put it this way. Would a bank hide their security personnel inside their washrooms and make a little hole in the wall or a door so the security personnel can look outside and see whether something suspicious is going on?

Of course, they don’t do that, not to my knowledge at least. Why is that? For a pretty simple reason. The security personnel won’t be able to do their job properly.

The same is the case with your router. If you’ve hidden it behind a TV, it won’t be able to send signals to the Ring Doorbell properly. We get it; it looks ugly and you don’t want to see it and you don’t want your guests to see it.

But tell us something. If a security personnel was ugly, and someone saw him and didn’t like the way he looked, would the bank put him in the washroom? Of course, not. We suggest you should do the same with your router.

3. Update your router

This is one of the most common reasons. The router doesn’t get updated automatically. Therefore, after every few months, it’s a good idea to update it.

4. Long range router

If your router doesn’t have long range, it may not be able to provide signals to the Ring Doorbells. So if your router doesn’t have a long-range, sell it and buy one that does.

Advantages and disadvantages of using multiple Ring Chime Pro devices?

Advantages: The benefits of using the Ring Chime Pro devices are that you can connect more Ring Doorbells and you can place them a long distance.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of using multiple Ring Chime Pro devices are you’ll need a bigger house, so if you have a smaller house forget about it. Another disadvantage is that you’ll need to remove more material that could potentially stop the devices from receiving signals.


Using multiple Ring Chime Pro devices is completely possible. There are a few factors that you need to consider and if those factors are causing no problems for you or you can handle those problems, then things will work completely fine for you.

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