Can I Use Google Home Mini for a Conference Call?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Google Home Mini is a small device voice-controlled device that can perform various functions.

In this guide, we’ve written everything you want to know about this device.

What is it? How to use it? What are its functions? Can it make calls? Can it make conference calls? And much more.

If you’re not interested in this device’s functions, usage, etc, and only want to know whether it can make calls, skip the next 5 sections.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in finding out more about this device keep reading.

What is Google Home Mini?

Google Home Mini is a voice-controlled speaker that allows you to do some amazing things with just your voice.

You don’t have to move your finger to do the following tasks.

Play Music, add items to your shopping list (or any other list), answer trivia questions, control smart home gadgets, play videos, create calendar appointments, and more.

While Google Home Mini isn’t the only voice-controlled speaker, it’s pretty unique.

That’s because of three things. Tons of features, Prices, and Sizes.

By reading the list of features mentioned above, you can already tell the list isn’t short.

As for the other 2 factors, here are the details.

The price of a Google Home Mini device is only $49. It’s much cheaper than other similar devices on the market and even other voice-controlled devices of Google.

Most devices with the same features will probably cost from $60-$120.

As for the size, the Google Home Mini device is much smaller than most voice-controlled speakers with similar quality and features.

Google said the size of Google Home Mini is the same as a doughnut (which is small enough to be placed in a large pocket).

Now that you’ve got a basic idea about what Google Home Mini can do and why it stands out, let’s talk about how to set it up.

How to Set Up Google Home Mini?

Setting up the Google Home Mini device is a bit long (but not a complicated process).

Follow the steps below and enjoy using this amazing device.

1. Go to Playstore, download the app and launch it.

2. When the app is launched, your phone will automatically detect the Home Mini device.

If it doesn’t, tap the Device button on the top right and then tap the Add New Device button from the drop-down menu. 

After that, follow the steps mentioned on the screen.

3. If the Mini device is connected to your phone, the device will make a sound.

Also, a pop-up will appear on your screen, tap Yes.

4. Choose the room where you want to put your Google Home Mini and tap next.

5. Select your WiFi Network and enter your password.

6. Review the Privacy Policy and when you’re finished, tap next.

7. If you want personalized results, follow the on-screen instructions to train Google Home Mini to recognize your voice.

However, if you’ve already trained another Google Home Mini to recognize your voice, you can just tap yes I’m in.

8. You’ll be shown multiple voice options. Choose the one you like and your device will speak in that voice.

Don’t put much pressure on yourself though, because if you want to change the voice later you’re allowed to do that.

9. Enter your address (it’s optional). The device will be able to give you customized data for weather, traffic and other services.

10. Review all the information you’ve entered. Also, if you want to be able to purchase through Google Home Mini device, then select your preferred payment method and when you’re finished tap next.

11. Tap continue.

12. In this last step you’ll be given a few sample commands. Choose the ones you like and tap on the Finish Setup button, and that’s it.

Can Google Home Mini Make Normal and Conference Calls?

The quick answer to this question is, Yes. You can make both normal and conference calls with Google Home Mini.

How to make calls on Google Home Mini?

To make a call by Google Home, first, you must turn on the Personal Results option in the Google Home App and then you’ll have to transfer the contacts from your phone to Google Home.

How to transfer a call to Google Home Mini?

1. Open the Home App.

2.  Make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi Network as your Home Mini.

3. Tap the menu icon on the top left and confirm that the account mentioned is the one you’re using with your Home Mini.

If it’s not the same, tap the triangle and select the right account.

4. Tap Menu on the upper right corner of the app.

5. Tap More Settings.

6. Under the option called Devices, choose the Google Home Mini device you want to connect to.

7. Tap the option called Adjust settings for this device.

8. Lastly, move the slider of the option Personal Results to the right.

Sync Contacts from Phone to Home Mini

This process will differ for Android and iPhone users.


1. Open the Google App.

2. Tap “Manage Your Google Account.”

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap People and sharing > Contact info from your devices.

4. Turn on Saved contacts from your Signed in devices.


1. Open the Google Assistant app.

2. A pop-up will appear on your screen asking for access to contacts. Give them access.

That’s it, your contacts are synced to Google Assistant.

Now that you’ve synced the contacts successfully, let’s talk about how to make a call.

Making a call is pretty simple. You can say “Google call John Schenider” and it’ll make the call.

What about making a conference call through Google Home Mini?

Yes, you can make a conference call through Google Home Mini and the process is quite simple. In the next section, we’ve explained the process in detail.

How to make a conference call through Google Home Mini?

Making a conference call is quite similar to making a normal call. Instead of saying “Google call XYZ” say “Google make a conference call to XYZ.”

That’s it, making calls after your device is set up is pretty easy.

Functions of Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini has plenty of cool features. In the long list below, we’ve included all of them.

1. Control Smart Home Accessories

Google Home Mini allows you to control over 1500 smart home products.

You can control the refrigerator, air conditioner, heater, microwave, fans, bulbs, and a ton of other products by just using your voice.

Additionally, smart products of almost all brands are compatible with Google Home Mini.

The list includes over 100 brands and all of them are pretty famous. Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, and Nest are only a few.

To make things even more interesting, you can buy the Google Home Hub and control all the items at once from one single device.

2. Play A Noise To Help You Fall Asleep or Relax

If white noise helps you fall asleep faster you can simply say “Google play white noise.”

And if the sound of rain helps you relax, you can simply tell Google to play it.

Furthermore, you can control the volume of the sound and set a timer.

We recommend setting a timer because otherwise, the sound at some point could wake you up from sleep as well.

3. Broadcast something to all Home Mini devices at once

You can use multiple Home Mini devices simultaneously, by using a single command.

Let’s say you’re on your way home from work and you want to turn on all the air conditioners in your home before you get there.

You can simply say, “Google turn on all the ACs in the home.“Each Home Mini device will turn on one air conditioner.

4. Set Reminders

You can set reminders on this device as well. You can simply tell the device to set a reminder for x activity at the y time.

When the time arrives, your Home Mini will remind you by speaking the name of that activity.

5. Find Your Phone

If you can’t remember where you put your phone, don’t worry this device will take care of this problem.

Just say, “Google I’ve lost my phone.” The phone will ring loudly.

This feature is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

6. Hand-Free Calls

You can make calls with Google Home Mini as well.

All you’ve to do is tell google the name of the contact and you’ll be able to talk to that person without using your phone.

7. Control the TV

If your TV has HDMI CEC standards and you have Google Chromecast, you can control the TV with your voice.

Whether you want to change the channel or volume or turn the TV on or off, all you’ve to do is say the word.

You literally don’t even have to move a finger.

8. Listen to a Story

You can literally ask Google Home Mini to tell you a story, play your favourite song, or a game and it’ll do it.

9. Speak and Understand Multiple Languages

Google Home can speak and understand 5 different languages.

The languages are English, Japanese, French, Italian, and German.

Google Assistant on the phone has plenty more languages.

Here’s the link to the full list of Google Home languages

10. Find Handymen, Plumbers, and Local Businesses

Just tell Google Home the name of the service you need and it’ll give all your contact and the name of all the companies providing that service around you.

Google says that all recommendations are scanned by both Google and companies like Porch.

11. Helps you in Kitchen

Google Home can help you with cooking and baking by finding recipes and by answering queries like “how much salt should I put in Hot Chocolate.”

12. Tell All Sorts of Jokes

If you want to get a good laugh, just ask Google Home Mini to tell you some jokes.

Furthermore, you can select any specific type of joke you want.

Whether you like One-Liner, Anecdotal, Observational, Deadpan, or any other type Google Home has got them all under its library.


In this post, we’ve mentioned everything we know about Google Home Mini.

If anything is unclear, let us know in the comments section, we’d love to help.

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