Are Airtags Good For Wallets?

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Written By Dinu Sri

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What will you do if you lose your wallet? You would find it by yourself and go to the police eventually. Can you imagine the agony you will have to suffer? But you could avoid all of it by using an Airtag with your wallet. 

You might be wondering- what are AirTags used for? This location tracker will constantly keep an eye on your wallet. But are Airtags for wallets? Will it mess with my credit cards? I know you have a lot of similar questions. You will get all the answers when you go through this write-up. 

So, let’s get into the show. 

Are Airtags Good For Wallets? 

Airtag is a location tracker designed for tracking personal items like wallets, keys, backpacks, etc. This round-shaped tracking device is 31.9 mm in diameter and 11g in weight. So, you can keep it inside a wallet. It works pretty well inside wallets. However, you can use a wallet case or Airtag wallet, which has an extra compartment for keeping Airtags. 

When Apple released Airtag, one of the primary uses of this tiny tracker was to keep an eye on our wallets. Since the wallet is a small item and we have to take it out of our pockets frequently, the chances of losing it are very high. We all know the hassle losing a wallet will bring. 

Apart from the cash, we generally keep our valuable items like our identity cards, driving licenses, credit cards, etc., inside the wallet. So, if you somehow lose your wallet, you’ll have to get down to the police station and report it. Doing all these will take a lot of your time and energy. 

But if you have an Airtag attached to your wallet, you can always keep your eye on it. A new Airtag feature sends notification alerts when you are about to leave an item behind. So, if you accidentally leave your wallet behind or it drops off your pocket, Airtag will alert you with notifications. 

Besides, you can easily find the lost wallet using the Precision Finding feature from the Find My app. So, using an Airtag with a wallet is really beneficial. And the good part is, because of its sleek and small design, you can keep it inside a regular-size wallet. You can also use different accessories if you want. 

Do Apple Airtags Stick To Wallets?

An Airtag does not have adhesive back. The outer shell of Airtags is made of stainless steel. So, you cannot stick this tracking device to your wallet without taking help from third-party accessories. Again, Airtags have a small magnet inside the built-in speaker. 

That’s why it stays weakly attached to some stable metal surfaces. But since wallets are mainly made of leather and PU leather, there is no chance they will stay attached to your wallet because of that magnet. In fact, you frequently bring wallets out of your pocket. So, you have to attach it very firmly. 

That’s why it is best to keep Airtags inside the wallet. You can put it in your wallet pocket. But there are some wallet cases available for Airtags. They are rectangular shaped and keep your wallet safe inside a wallet. 

However, if you want to stick Airtags to your wallet, you must use an Airtag case with a strong adhesive back. There are some wallets available that have an extra compartment to keep Airtags. You can buy one. 

How To Put Airtags In Wallets? 

We’ve learned from the previous section that there are various ways you can keep an Airtag in your wallet. You can attach it to a wallet by using Airtag covers with adhesive back, you can use a wallet card to keep it inside the wallet, or you can simply keep it inside the wallet pocket. 

Here I’ll show how to keep an Airtag inside a wallet using a wallet card. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, unbox your Airtag and remove the plastic cover from it. You will hear a starting sound. 
  • Now, set up and connect the Airtag with your iPhone. Give your Airtag a name so that you can easily find it. 
  • Now that your Airtag is set and working, take the card shape case and insert your Airtag into it. These cases generally come with carabiners. So, you can use them as key rings as well. 
  • Finally, slip the Airtag case into the pocket of your wallet. Ensure enough space inside your wallet to keep the case. 

Now your Airtag is securely housed inside your Airtag. So, carry it without any worry of losing it. 

Will Airtags Work In RFID Wallet?

Many people use RFID blocking wallets to protect their credit and identity cards. RFID blocker reduces the signal range of a credit card. So, a hacker won’t be able to get access to your credit card, and as a result, your cards will remain safe. 

Since RFID blocker reduces radio frequency, many think Airtags won’t work inside those cards. But that’s not true since it works well inside the RFID wallets. Airtag has a Low Energy Bluetooth for connectivity. It is stronger than regular Bluetooth, which is a radio frequency signal. 

Even if RFID blockers reduce the signal of the LE Bluetooth, which is less likely, Airtag also uses Ultra-Wideband Technology to send signals. No RFID blocker is designed to block the UWB signal. So, Airtags will work similarly well inside RFID blocking wallets. 

Do Airtags Mess With Credit Cards?

Airtags do not mess with Credit Cards if you keep them together in a wallet. They won’t bother each other and will mind their own business. We know Airtags uses Low Energy Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband Technology to connect with its paired phone and send location information. The LE Bluetooth uses different sets of channels in radio frequency compared to regular Bluetooth. 

On the other hand, most credit cards now do not have magnet strips. So, Airtags won’t demagnetize credit cards. Again, they use different radio frequencies, and their signal won’t mix with each other. So, you can keep them together inside your wallet. 

Here are the frequencies used by the components of Airtags and Credit Cards: 

Low Energy Bluetooth2.4 GHz
Ultra-Wideband3.1 to 10.6 GHz
NFC13.56 MHz
Credit Card Chip13.56 MHz

Can Airtag Be Blocked Inside Wallets?

Airtags won’t be blocked inside your wallet. Airtags have robust components inside for connectivity, including Low Energy Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband Technology, and NFC inside. These can produce strong radio frequencies that a wallet material can’t block. 

Again, Apple has used a powerful U1 chip inside Airtags. As a result, you will get precise location information. You cannot even block Airtags signal with an RFID blocker. This location tracker is more powerful than RFID blockers. That’s why you do not have to worry about blocking when you keep Airtag inside a wallet. 

What Should I Put Airtags On?

You can put Airtags on many personal items to keep an eye on them. Airtag features are designed to track items like your keys, wallets, purse, luggage, backpack, etc. These items have a reputation for losing. Airtags can prevent that and help you find a lost item. 

Apart from these items, you can use Airtags on just about everything you are worried about losing. This location tracker can track your bikes, cars, musical instruments, etc. There’s a dark side to Airtag, and many people use this device for stalking and theft. Always keep your eye open and look around for an unknown Airtag. 

Are There Any Special Wallets For Airtags? 

Apple has many accessories for its tracking device, Airtag; a wallet is one of them. Apple brought smart wallets for Airtags. You can keep your Airtag and use it as a wallet to keep your cash, cards, and coins. 

Besides Apple, many third-party brands make and sell Airtag wallets. Most wallets are made of leather or artificial leather and are very high in quality. Most importantly, these smart wallets are sleek and fashionable. 

What is Airtag Passport Holder? 

A passport is our identity when we travel to other countries. We must always keep our passports with us when traveling abroad. This tiny paper book becomes our constant companion. The stake of losing a passport is very high. Since it always stays with us, there’s always a possibility that we might lose them. 

But if you attach an Airtag with your passport, the chances of losing go down. Airtag passport holders look like wallets. They have pockets to keep your passport and Airtag securely. You can also carry cash and cards on them. Airtag passport holder will come in handy if you travel with a passport. 

Final Thoughts

Among other reasons, Airtags were designed to use for wallets. So, they are definitely good for wallets. However, I would suggest you not simply keep Airtags inside your wallets. The best way to keep Airtags inside a wallet is using an Airtag card. It will keep the Airtag safe and secure inside the wallet. You can also invest in a Smart Airtag wallet. 


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