Why is Fitbit Sync Slow? Fix The Issue

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Fitbit users enjoy unique features through the synchronization between the smartphone and the smartwatch. 

Syncing is a process that consumes a few seconds. Users have complained about the issues due to taking longer to sync and getting trapped in a never-ending sync loop. 

Why is Fitbit sync slow on my devices?

We found the following reasons responsible for the above issue. 

Your Phone Runs Several Apps In The Background

Although you have opened your Fitbit app, several apps can run in the background. It means some apps consume your data and space which you don’t see. Updates, system apps, and the utilizing apps ah require priority. As a result of this, your Fitbit sync might have been delayed. 

Your Phone Performs Data Consumption That You Don’t See

Some apps require data that can run in the background. , they can both get the priorities and require data connection from your smartphone’s priorities. For example, Apple Playstore is an app that can run in the background and update automatically. 

It is a process that finishes within 30 seconds. But, the delay in the network may keep your smartphone busy for hours. Your Fitbit will have to wait until they are finished performing their tasks. 

Your Bluetooth Connection Is Not Strong

Bluetooth is not the best way to create a connection, as it may simply disconnect. Although auto-connecting is a part of Bluetooth, there can be problems in the syncing process. 

We saw that the Bluetooth connection was one of the issues for the Fitbit users who complained about not syncing issues. When they had gone out of the range and returned, the syncing had interrupted.  

Your Device Is On Low Battery

We identified low battery affected the process’s syncing interruptions and running. Especially when the battery was below 20%, it was difficult to connect with the phone. Although the device appeared to have connected with the smartphone, the syncing was never completed.

Note: The recommended distance between the devices for successful syncing is 20 feet. But, the syncing did not happen well in that range when the battery was low. 

Update Issues

Among the Fitbit devices that complained about the syncing loops, we found that 10% of users had not updated their devices to the latest version. Therefore we can assume that there can be unfixed software issues causing the syncing troubles. Although the users should have been using Version 3.59, they had not updated their devices.

How To Fix Fitbit Sync Low Issue?

We found these fixes for the Fitbit users to accelerate the syncing speed. 

Update The Software Version To The Latest Version

Updating the software of your Fitbit app is one of the easiest things you can do. You must go to your app store and then update to the latest Fitbit 3.59 version. We see they have improved the compatibility along with the bug fixes. 

Keep The Fitbit Charged Over 50%

The battery level is a crucial factor in improving the syncing speed. We recommend you keep the battery level over 50% most of the time. 

The Issues With Specific Fitbit Modes

We identified that there are specific Fitbit models that cause the syncing trouble. Also, we noticed that users were frequently complaining about those models due to syncing loops.

Keep Your Fitbit Device Closer To Your Phone

The recommended distance between the phone and the Fitbit device is 20ft. But, we saw that there could be sluggish situations when the distance is even at 20ft. We recommend you keep the phone closer to you. 

Update The Firmware

The firmware is among the causes that can make your sync slow. It will be better if you update the Fitbit device at least once in three months. 

Restart Your Devices

Restarting is one of the best solutions for your digital issues. You may arrange the files correctly, flash-reset the OS, and clear the cache that is not suitable for the device functioning after restarting your smartphone. You may restart both your Fitbit device and the smartphone to see if it works. 

Solutions Suggested by Fitbit for Specific Fitbit Models

Fitbit customer service is a response service. We saw they provided specific solutions to specific models through their social media and website. We have listed such solutions below. 

Fitbit Luxe Is Getting Into A Sync Loop

The recommended solution for the Fitbit luxe slow syncing is to force-stop the app and then start the app again. This is how to do that. 

  • You must go to settings> Applications or Manage apps
  • Find the Fitbit app and then tap on force quit
  • The app has stopped working now
  • Open the app from the app menu

Fitbit Charge 5 Takes Longer To Sync

If your Fitbit charger takes longer or forever to sync, then we may suggest you restart Bluetooth. Users had reported an issue with the syncing process when they went out of the Bluetooth range and came back to it. When the Fitbit charge detects it again, the syncing will start. 

Note: If this doesn’t work for you, then we recommend you reinstall the Fitbit app on your phone.  

Fitbit Versa Takes A Sync Loop

Fitbit had recommended that Fitbit versa users update their Fitbit apps to the latest version to fix the loop syncing error. You may follow the below step to do that. 

You must go to Settings > General > Software Update and then tap update


We hope you must have found out why your Fitbit device is slowly syncing data or not syncing data at all. Also, the solutions we provided must have been useful to you. If you still have issues with the syncing, please refer to Fitbit customer service.

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