DS Video for Samsung Smart TV: A Complete Guide

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Are you also curious about the DS video app on the Samsung Smart TV? Well, DS Video is an app that comes free on the Samsung Smart TV.

This app allows the streaming of videos from the NAS (Network Attached Storage) server in easy way.

Since it comes with the Samsung Smart TV for free, there is no special streaming box for it, and you don’t need a remote to be able to use it.

Synology DS video can become a personal form of entertainment hub where you can organize a series of photos, videos, music, and even multimedia files to create a whole entertaining environment.

Read further down below the guide to understand what exactly DS video is and how you can use it on your Samsung Smart TV.

About DS Video

DS stands for Disk Station. DS video is an important part of the whole Samsung smart TV as it allows you or a user to access all the visual content on the Samsung Smart TV.

You can browse streaming services and watch videos from various menus such as “TV Shows,” “Movies,” “Custom libraries,” etc.

Now, let us read about how we can get the DS app to work or install it on your TV.

How to get DS started on your Samsung TV?

If you are a user from the US, DS may be available for you, and you can install it on your TV by following the steps below:

  1. First, you need to install a Video Station on the Disk Station and then select various folders where you can index your Home videos, movies, or even TV shows.
  2. Now, you can install DS video on your Smart TV from the Samsung app store. 
  3. You must have a secure and stable Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet connection before you use the channel store.

Now, for users, who don’t live in the US and are going to install DS video through TV’s developer mode, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, get in the “Smart Hub.”
  2. Now, choose the login option.
  3. Login through any of the following accounts
  4. Use the system developer account.
  5. Set account name
  6. Set a password of six characters.
  7. Tap on the login option.
  8. Now you have created the developer account.
  9. Now, once you login into the system, go to the settings option, and choose the Development option. In the development option, choose Server IP.
  10. Enter the IP address as
  11. Once you enter this, return to the development option and choose User Application Synchronization.
  12. Choose “agree” to a setup completion message. You can now use the DS video in the Smart Hub.
  13. When you download an app this way, the app gets directly installed on your TV. 

Now, users who are using a USB stick (model 2013 and up) must follow the steps below to install the DS video app. 

  1. Download the Setup file of the DS video and put it on a USB stick. 
  2. Now, go to the Samsung Smart Hub, and from there go to the apps store. Scroll down for more apps.
  3. Now insert the USB in any port of the TV after you have opened the Apps menu on the TV.
  4. Now you must wait for the DS video icon to appear to launch it. 
  5. Once you see the app, it is ready to be used.

With the above steps, I think you can have a good idea about how to use DS video with a Samsung smart TV.

What features do you get with DS video?

You can easily access all your videos along with any movies, TV shows, or home videos available with it. 

  • You can use DTV dongles which will enable you to watch live streaming of TV from the dongle to your Samsung TV.
  • You cannot schedule TV programs on the DS video for your Samsung Smart TV.
  • You can set up a collection of videos for yourself beforehand and then play them on the TV, but it cannot be organized on the TV itself.

What are the compatible TV models that work with DS Video?

DS video is right now being reviewed by Samsung. However, once the review is complete, you will be able to download the DS video right from the App Store on your Samsung Smart TV. The Samsung Smart TV models that are compatible with the DS video now are 2012(e-type) and up the model and 5000 series and above.

Playback ability will depend on the kind of Samsung Smart TV you have. You should refer to the specification page available for the TV model you have on the Samsung website directly.

If you want to see how the DS video app works on your Samsung Smart TV, click here.

What are the possible disadvantages of the DS video for your Samsung Smart TV? 

Let us discuss a bunch of reasons that could work as a limiting factor for you to not get this app:

  • TV recordings or live streaming are not available even by using HTTPS.
  • DS video only supports .srt subtitles, which have Unicode and UTF-8 encoding.
  • For some users, video transcoding can’t be used together with the hardware acceleration transcoding enabled, which is an option present in the Video station setting.
  • HTTPS connection is unavailable for models of 2012 (E-type).
  • You cannot keep a password with spaces as the Samsung keyboard cannot process it.
  • If you don’t want to sign in with a password, keep the password area empty, and then don’t enter in the input mode.
  • Your Samsung TV has to be connected to a verified and stable network connection to launch the DS video, and this is a major Samsung Smart hub disadvantage.
  • The playback audio function is not available in all models. You will have to check the specification part of the TV model either directly on Samsung’s website or through the customer support system.
  • You cannot organize or manage your collection of videos, music, or pictures on the TV itself as the app does not support it.

Wrapping Things Up

DS video is an app that lets you culminate a collection of your very own videos and pictures along with music and TV shows so that you can watch your own version of an entertainment hub. Therefore, we have discussed and compiled a list of the features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the DS video; it will be easier for you to consider whether you want to use this app on your Samsung Smart TV or not.

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