What is LG TV plus app?

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Technology is evolving at a break-neck speed. Fortunately, this dynamic growth improves the quality of our lives and our experiences when dealing with devices.

For instance, a few months ago, you always needed a hand-held remote to control the TV. If you are like me, who is always misplacing the remote or have kids who barely keep track of where the remote was, you must be having countless days searching for this device. Unfortunately, you need it to have a smooth experience when using the TV.

The good news?

Today that’s not the case. LG brands are at the forefront of improving the user experience by taking advantage of the fast-growing technology.

For instance, they have just released the latest version of the LG remote TV plus app, bringing the internet to a standstill. But what is an LG TV plus app?

What is LG TV plus app?

LG TV Plus app is open-source software that is freely downloadable from the play store. It incorporates the functionalities of the LG TV remote and much more. Thus, you can use it to operate the LG TV.

The best thing about this application is that it is cross-platform. Let me explain! Different mobile devices use other operating systems. For instance, an app made for Android cannot be installed on iOS.

However, the LG TV Plus is designed so that you can use it on any operating system. Thus, you can install it if you use an iPhone or an Android-powered phone. 

What is the use of the LG TV Plus app?

Basically, this app is used to control the LG TV.

Its interface has several buttons such as power button, Exit, Back, Volume Up, down, channel up, and down button.

It also allows you to change the TV settings, change passwords, and easily share the content saved on the TV.

How do I get TV plus on my LG TV?

You can get the TV plus App on your phone by downloading it from the Google play store for android phones and the App Store for iPhone.

How to install the TV plus app on Android Phone?

Step 1: Download the app

Using your phone, visit the Google play store, and search for the LG TV Plus app. Click on it to download. 

Step 2: Install

After the download is complete, tap on the app to start the installation process

Step 3: Allow permissions

For the app to operate seamlessly with the television, it will have to access the phone’s storage and location settings. Thus, you need to allow the app to access them.

Storage permission allows the phone to access photos and play videos and music on your LG TV. Besides, it will enable the transfer of content between the two devices.

On the other hand, Location information makes it possible to mirror the phone’s display on the LG TV.

Click on the checkboxes next to storage and location, and then click the ok button on the left bottom corner. 

Step 4: Accept license agreement prompt 

Every software has a license agreement that governs its use. Click Allow to accept the license agreement prompt. 

Step 4: search for the LG TV

To allow communication between the two devices, you must have the two devices connected on the same Wi-Fi connection. 

Select the LG smart TV on your screen on the available devices.

Step 4: enter the pairing code

After selecting the LG TV, wait for a few minutes for the pairing code to appear on the screen.

Type the pairing code on the input displayed on the phone and click ok. 

Step 5: Finish and go through the introduction app

After the pairings process is over, click next to finish. If it is your first time using the app, you can go through the documentation. However, their interface is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

How to install the TV plus app on iPhone? 

Installing the LG TV Plus app on an iPhone is almost similar to the android phone.

Step 1: Visit the Apple play store

iPhones use the apple play store instead of google play store. Visit it and search for the LG TV Plus app. Click it and wait for it to download.

Step 2: Launch the app

Next, launch the app and wait for it to start.

You will be requested to allow storage and location access permissions. Allowing these permissions makes it possible to transfer the data by accessing the storage space and mirroring the app to the TV display using the location feature.

Tick the Checkboxes and click ok to continue. 

Step 3: Accept the license agreement

Generally, the software has a license agreement that states the terms and conditions of use. You can scheme through them and click accept. 

Step 4: Pair the devices

On the screen that you will take after accepting the license of agreement, select the device you are connecting to the app.

Search for LG TV on the dropdown menu and select it. 

Next, input the code displayed on the app’s input feature on the TV screen.

Step 5: wait 

After entering the pairing code, wait for the two devices to establish a connection for a few seconds. That’s it you can now control or transfer data from your phone using the app. 

How do I use the LG plus app?

One of the many things I love about the LG TV Plus app is its user-friendly interface making it possible even for a novice to use it. 

It has several buttons such as power, volume, and up buttons used to control the device.

For instance, if you want to decrease or increase the volume, simply press + or – volume buttons. Similarly, you can click on the channel icon to change the channels.

Nonetheless, if you face problems using this app, you can check this video on how to use the LG plus app.

Does LG TV plus app still exist?

Like any other software, LG plus app undergoes constant upgrades aimed at improving the user experience, adding more features, and fixing the existing bugs. 

As a result, it has several versions, and you should always use the latest version.

To answer your question, the LG TV Plus app is still in existence but with a different and better design. Search for LG TV plus app on google play store or apple store for iPhone and Apple devices, respectively.

Does LG channel plus cost money?

We got good news for you!

The LG plus app is available for free to download. Even after downloading, you don’t have to pay anything to use it. In short, it is free to download and use for a lifetime. 

Final words

LG TV Plus app is free software from the LG TV brand that was developed to substitute the use of a remote. Therefore, it has all the functionalities of a hand-held remote.

Fortunately, this app can be used on Android and iOS supported phones. Even better, it is free to download and use for a lifetime.

We have discussed what the LG TV Plus app is and how you can get it on your phone. Just as a reminder, always remember to upgrade to the latest available version of the app from the play store. 

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