What Internet Speed Do I Need For Samsung Smart TV?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

Internet is rapidly growing on countless devices such as mobiles, tabs, Smart TVs, and many more. If you think about 2 years ago internet speed, you are likely to have double than that today, and that’s not enough. 

Currently, the topic about how much internet speed does a Samsung Smart TV need is trending. Therefore, we have come up with this post that assists you on all aspects of the internet and how a home can be expected to use the internet on Smart TV. 

However, we leave this decision on yours as every home’s priorities differ from others. Thus, you can better decide on how much internet speed is enough?

How much internet speed do I need for Samsung smart TV?

Basically, it depends on your choices. It is a straightforward calculation that involves many factors such as how long you use the internet in a day, what content you’re watching on the internet, are you using the internet alone or with family, and how many users are using internet at the same time.

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By calculating all such factors, you can easily figure out how much speed you need. Besides these, you will need to think about other devices like Alexa, phones, tabs, computers, laptops, game consoles, etc., before calculating the final answer. 

Therefore, to compute the best answer, we have rounded up some special points that need to be considered. 

  1. Downloads– The actual internet speed depends on the ratio of downloads. Downloads can include the transfer of data from one place to another, software downloads, images, songs, and various content. Thus, if you have a big family and everyone uses the internet, then you need high-speed internet so you won’t find any issues. The faster your internet speed is, the more you can watch and enjoy the content. 
  2. Online Streaming– It is a download type but saved on the internet, not on devices. However, if you want to download it, you can go do it. Online streaming is in huge demand as it offers full-on entertainment to users such as movies, TV shows, Web series, multiple channels, and more. So, if you’re one who watches Series on Samsung Smart TV, you need fast internet that gives quick download. 
  3. Uploading– It is like downloading. There you need to download the uploaded or shared content with your family or friends. 

How do you use Internet speed?

Most homeowners use the internet to download and watch online streaming content on their Smart TV such as movies, Web series, etc. Besides, there are many more uses of the internet, such as:

  • Downloading a 2-hours movie uses 2GB of data and takes an hour to complete the task. If the internet speed is fast, it will take half of the time to download content. 
  • Online streaming is quite different. If you want to stream HD/4K, you need 4mbps.
  • Regarding sending an e-mail, it takes about .096 Mbps of speed to send it on the computer.
  • Online gaming devices such as play station, Nintendo switch, etc., includes different bandwidth for the internet. 
  • Having 2-way video call on WhatsApp or Skype demands 1.5 Mbps of speed with 8mbps download.
  • If the internet is connected to home security, it requires 4 Mbps.

Household bandwidth utilization may include the following-

CategoryInternet Uses Bandwidth/data
ParentStreaming Video, TV HD6.36 mbps
ParentStreaming Smart TV, LIVE TV13 mbps
Teen ChildStreaming music, cartoon, smart phone, online games4.96 mbps
Middle school ChildSocial media, homework, music Alexa4.04mbps
Smart Devices2 devices10 mbps
AI Assistances2 devices2 mbps

By calculating total speed of internet, you would probably require 40.36 mbps depending on basic necessities.

What are the best internet providers in the USA regarding speed and cost?

You know that high-speed internet costs you higher, especially when you buy flexible plans. Thus, to help you find out the best internet providers in the USA that give accurate speed at a good price, choose from the following table.

Remember- We are recommending price as per the current plans. Thus, it can be changed. So before buying services, make sure to confirm the current price status. 

USA Internet Service ProvidersCurrent Plans Cost/Monthly
Suddenlink Internet$20.00 with 20 mbps-940 mbps download speed
RCN Internet$29.99 with 50mbps-940 mbps download speed
Mediacom$29.99 with 940 mbps download speed
Frontier Internet$34.99 with 940 mbps download speed
AT & T Internet$35 with 0.8 mbps-940 mbps download speed

How can you test your internet speed by yourself?

Want to know how to check your internet speed? Well, this is mandatory, if you want to know “how much internet speed” you need. 

1.      Test WiFi Speed with web applications

One of the easiest ways to check the internet speed is checking through a web app since it is usually provided by ISP (internet service provider). On average, the speed test takes 30 seconds to transfer the whole information or data to you. Check with fast.com.

Here’s how you can use it-

  1. Launch the web app
  2. It will take a few seconds to check speed.
  3. Once done, you will get an answer like 250 Mbps or more.

You can use this app anytime you need, even via mobile. This is considered the fastest ISP in the United States.

Other web app you can try such as:

  • Ookla speed test
  • Speed Smart
  • AT&T High speed Internet Speed Test
  • Internet Health Test

2.      Test WiFi Speed With Mobile Apps

If you want to check mobile internet speed, use mobile apps. Go to the play store and search WiFi speed test. The dozens of apps will open before you, and you can choose what looks best. For instance, try speedtest from ookla app. 

It can change your internet speed for mobile, desktop, and smart TV. To use it, install the app and press on go button. It will display the whole data.

Wrapping Things Up

Having fast internet speed is essential nowadays as everything is digitalized. However, Samsung Smart TV uses the best technology that never gives bad services. Thus, while connecting your Smart TV with the internet, ensure you have high-speed internet from the trusted ISP. 

So, concluding the answer “how much internet speed does a Samsung Smart TV need” depend on your TV choices.