Peteme Smart Bulb Review: Personal Experience

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Today we are going to review Peteme Smart Light Bulbs. Cheaper price, better quality this time, asserts the brand representative.

I ordered these 4 months ago and am loving how they adorn my house. I use it with Alexa but I also use it just with the Smart Life app which does not require voice.

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I love being able to change the color and hue and brightness on a whim, especially in various rooms, at any time I like.

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

As they are not that bright which is definitely one of their dull points, I have to say these bulbs are not primary light material.

But they come into their own as more ambient and warmer color lights that you can use in your lamps and your drawing room.

I have observed some flaws as well that I will definitely put light on.  

Further, we will dive into this deals’ pros, what have been my personal experience with these lights, some common complaints and why you shouldn’t trust the online customer reviews online.

Stay tuned.


  • Voice control & Alexa compatibility
  • Control form anywhere
  • Perfect for complementary decoration
  • Wide range of amazing colors


  • 2.4 GHz connection only
  • Poor brightness
  • Poor connectivity
  • Pairing process is hectic

Let’s discuss their Pros of Peteme Smart Bulb

Voice control & Alexa compatibility

I always wanted to have a smart bulb for my room because I have an echo installed in it.

It’s enjoyable being able to voice command everything especially when I am comfortably laying on my bed.

Though setting up Alexa integration was a little less straightforward, once your first light is linked, the rest ones can be added easily.

Voice control is a great option for handicapped individuals who can speak but are less mobile. I bought one specifically for that purpose for my friend.

Note that the groups in smart life app are not the same as groups in the Alexa app, so they need to be set up separately.

If you’re not planning to use the smart life app to control the bulbs, it’s not necessary to create groups there.

Instead set your groups up via Alexa, Google Home, or Siri.

Peteme Smart LED Light Bulb do not work with Apple’s HomeKit but do works on Apple Watch.

Wide range of amazing colors

The best part is their wide range of colors that just refurbishes my side lamp and mesmerizes my atmosphere.

There are millions of colors and you can change the temperature according to your current taste.

You can also change modes of light according to the occasion. It’s just amazing.

Colors and brightness change rapidly. The light modes are very easy to use and I am having fun with the color changing flexibility of the lights. Overall I am happy I got these smart lights.

Let’s discuss the Cons of Peteme Smart Bulb

2.4 GHz connection only

First off, you can only use these bulbs on a 2.4 GHz connection.

I can understand that most of the smart bulbs operate on 2.4GHz but many of these can be shifted to 5 GHz once they are set up.

But these bulbs can’t be even shifted to 5 GHz, they operate only on 2.4GHz network that certainly bottlenecks your options

Poor brightness

As soon as you screw them in, you’ll quickly realize that they do not illuminate as much light as a Philips HUE bulb.

I was expecting at least 1000 luminous to make them bright enough but they offer only 650.

So they can’t lighten up your place. After all they are 7 watts and Philips is 10 watt, there is a difference.

Poor connectivity

Peteme Smart LED Light Bulbs frequently lose connection, take a year and a day to connect compared to other brands.

Despite having no problem connecting other devices with the same Wi-Fi, these lights still don’t connect.

Another problem is that after setting them up, I noticed my download speed had gone. Normally it is 60-100mbps, but with the bulbs in my network, it was down to 10mbps.

Pairing process is Hectic

When asked about her experience, one of my colleagues passed the following comments:

“Horrible Set up time. Takes too long. I have set up several different brands of smart bulbs but these were not amongst the best. I paired them with my echo.

They disconnected the first time I told Alexa to turn them off then Back on.

Repeated the process. Same result. From then on, I was unable to get the bulbs to reset so I could pair them again. Deleted the bulbs and app then tried again. I probably spent 3 hours last night and 1 hour this evening trying to get them to work. To me, they just flunked.”

Don’t Trust the 5tar User Reviews on Internet.

The reviewers going gaga over these lights on internet can’t be trusted with a blind eye. Many of these reviews are just quid pro quo.

The seller includes in the deal a $10 off coupon in exchange for a positive review.

People have bought based on all the top reviews, but have to wonder how many were posted for those $10.


You can’t get a classic warm white. Other colors? YES.

Connectivity is a serious bottleneck, beware!

If your primary goal is to illuminate your house, these bulbs don’t fit the criterion as Luminous Flux of 650 can’t provide enough brightness as in Philips hue. Look elsewhere!

If you want to use for aesthetics i.e. in side lamps, drawing room decoration etc. and you can get along with a not too great brightness, they are perfect. They provide amazing colors with temp flexibility.

They are cheaper in price and can mesmerize your environment. Voice control is also a vital facility that they provide.

Let me reiterate that you can’t trust the online over praising reviews which have spruced up the product.

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