Is Samsung smart tv android?

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Samsung Smart TVs are among the most popular household television sets globally. These Smart TVs are used readily, are made by a renowned company, and are among the most advanced TV sets that one can get in the market. 

The operating system of the Samsung Smart TV can lead to a bit of confusion among the users.The Samsung smartphones and tablets make use of the Android Operating Systems. Now a question arises as to whether the smart TVs also make use of the Android operating system. 

We will discuss all these important factors in this article for a better understanding of the Smart TVs made by Samsung.

Is Samsung smart tv android?

It is often searched and questioned by the users. But the answer is that a Samsung smart Tv is not an Android TV. The Samsung smart TV operates with the help of Orsay O S or Tizen O S for the television. It, however, depends on the year it was manufactured.

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Android TV is owned by Google and operated by Google. Android is a common operating device for smartphones, but some television manufacturing companies also have adopted it.

There are a few companies that make use of Android as the operating system for the television sets that they manufacture. Some of the renowned brands are LG, Sharp, Dish, Sony, Asus, Toshiba, Technicolor, NVIDIA, Xiaomi, RCA, and Philips.

What Kind of OS Does a Samsung Smart TV Use?

Television sets manufactured by Samsung are found in most countries all over the world. These television sets are available at different prices in different configurations. 

The users can purchase the one suiting their needs and enjoy the high-quality functions that come with the television.

Operating system or OS refers to how a tablet, smartphone, television, or computer will work and define the experience of the user. Samsung smart TVs either use Orsay operating system or the Tizen operating system. 

These are the nest operating systems in the market. However, the recently manufactured Samsung Smart TVs use the Tizen operating system.

Each of the operating systems helps in providing an excellent user experience. The rival companies often come up with amazing designs but rarely does a company use their operating system. 

Samsung TVs own and operate Tizen, and hence they use this operating system in their television sets.

Tizen is a branch operating under the company, Samsung. Samsung manufactures tablets, smartphones, TVs, computers, refrigerators, and other electronic devices. Tizen however does not sell any of the products. However, they provide the operating system that can be found in these products.

What confuses the users is that Samsung is a partner with several Android operating systems in smartphones. For a user who has used Samsung Note, or Samsung Tablet, or other devices, then the user has used the Android operating system. It is similar to the ones like LG, HTC, and so on.

There are multiple operating systems available for smart TVs. However, Samsung stayed a step ahead of its competitors by becoming a part of their OS company. 

Since they have their operating system, they do not have to pay an outside company for the maintenance of the operating system. 

This is the reason why they can give low prices to the customers. As a result, the users get a superior quality operating system in a high-end television without the high price.

What is the difference between Android TV and Samsung Smart TV?

Android TV and Smart TV often confuse the user and they cannot understand the difference between the two. As a result, they are perplexed when they go for purchasing the Android or Smart TV. Hence it is important to understand what an Android TV is and what a Smart TV is. 

A Smart TV is a television that shows different video content with the help of the internet. Hence, any TV offering online content to the users is a smart TV. This is irrespective of the operating system on which the smart TV runs.

Android TV can be defined as a smart TV that runs using the Android TV platform. Samsung and LG have their operating system but it still has television sets that use the Android operating system.

Android TV and Smart TV are the same as they help in showing content using the internet.

However, there are a few differences that the user might know of before purchasing it.


The Android TV has a great library of amazing apps. This is due to the Play Store support that these TVs have. There are different kinds of apps that you use on the smartphone. 

YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu- everything can be found on Android TV. And the important part is that all these apps have been optimized according to the TV platform.

In the case of Smart TVs, they have limited support for apps. YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix are popular entertainment apps and these can be found on Smart TVs. Other than this, the user will not find many other apps on this TV.


Smart TVs have fewer updates when compared to Android TV sets. Android TV gets new updates regularly and the developers push updates for a better experience for the viewers.


Screencasting is another major area of difference between a Smart TV and an Android TV. Android TV sets have built-in and Chromecast features. 

As a result of this feature, this works perfectly well with Android smartphones. The Chromecast helps in working in the full-screen mode and provides amazing sound output.

Smart TVs on the other hand have screen mirroring. This has to be paired and is often troublesome for the users. This reduces the quality of the output from the Smart TV sets.

Voice assistant support

Google Assistant on the Android TVs has become better and hence the user does not have to type their query.

Smart TVs however do not have this feature. They are equipped with a keypad and the user has to fill in the query.

Firmware updates

The smart TVs do not get major updates and hence the TV might become obsolete after some time. In the case of Android TVs, they receive app updates and this indicates that the user will continue to get modern and updated apps on their Android TV set.

As a user, one must remember that if the Smart TV becomes obsolete in the coming time, then they can plug an Android TV set-top box or dongle. This will help in getting the Android TV platform on the TV. This can be done with the Android TV as well.

One thing however must be kept in mind that a user cannot get the updated Tizen operating system simply by purchasing a different hardware device. This is simply because the television manufacturing companies do not sell hardware devices separately for the operating systems.

Not everything is a disadvantage for Smart TV sets. The benefits of a Smart TV over an Android TV are that Smart TVs are easy to navigate when compared to the Android ones. 

Smart TVs are also fast as compared to Android TV sets. Moreover for using the Android TV sets, the user needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the Android setup.

Can I install Android on my Samsung Smart TV?

The Samsung Smart TV sets do not use Android operating systems. They use the proprietary operating systems of Samsung. However, in the smart TV sets, the user cannot install the Google Play Store that helps in the installation of the different Android applications.

Can I install Android TV on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, this is possible in theory. Tizen makes use of Linux kernel like the Android TV sets. Therefore it will need a great amount of work for making the Android Tv work properly. 

It is also possible that there are binary drivers that are needed and which work well with Tizen only. Hence, it is quite difficult a choice for users who want to install their Android Tv on a Samsung Smart TV.

How to Add Android TV to a Samsung Smart TV?

The addition of the Android TV to the Samsung Smart TV will lead to the formation of a new TV set for the user. It sounds a bit complicated for many of the users. 

However, it can be accomplished easily by following a set of simple steps that take only a couple of minutes to complete.

For achieving this feat, the user will require the following items. 

They are as follows:

  • HDMI cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Android Converter Box (Android TV or Chromecast)
  • Remote
  • TV with HDMI port

Here is a step-by-step guide for installing the Android TV operating systems on the Samsung Smart TV.

  • First, connect the HDMI cable to the television on one side and the converter box on the other side. There are many choices in the market at affordable prices. Choose one that gives you the option of using the Android operating systems at a high speed.
  • Next, turn on the television set. Connect the Ethernet cable with the convert box. It might be shown that you will have to connect to the internet with a Wi-Fi connection. If that is shown, then the user need not use the Ethernet cable. However, using these cables enhances the speed. So if you want a quick connection, then using the cables is a good option.
  • The user must next sign in to their Android account on the television if they are asked to do so. Check whether you can sign in to each app. It must also help you to move from one account to the other with ease. 

For example, you must be able to shift from Netflix to YouTube to Google easily. However, the results will vary depending on the version of Android that you will be getting.

  • If the work is not done yet, simply sync the remote with the TV set. The remotes have an instruction manual for people to read and follow. However many remotes are pre-synced so that you can start doing things easily. 

If the user has purchased the remote separately, then they will have to do the syncing before they set up the applications or the Wi-Fi.

The user can also take the help of an HDMI cable and connect the Android smartphone to the TV.


The Samsung smart TVs have benefits of their own. They are fast and easy to navigate for most users. The smart TVs manufactured by Samsung also provide a superior experience to the users. 

Their operating systems Tizen OS and Orsay OS are among the best in the market. However is a customer wants, they can still use an HDMI cable and convert their smart TVs to an Android TV with the help of a port. The choice depends entirely on the user.