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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

So, you just got your new Samsung TV, and you can’t wait to drown yourself in awe of its beautiful resolution. Whatever the size you got, you can’t wait to start boasting to your friends that you’ve finally joined the Smart TV league or that you recently just upgraded from one model of Samsung TV to another. 

But back up a bit! Before you get too excited, you need to set up the TV first. That’s the only way you can enjoy its entertainment benefits and watch Netflix, YouTube, and other fantastic channels on the TV. 

Lucky for you, the setup process isn’t a bureaucratic one. Stay hooked as we show you how it’s done, from the software setup to the hardware setup. All you need to do is focus on the section that addresses your TV size. Now, Let’s dive in. 


Unless you’ve not mounted your Samsung Smart TV on a wall, you won’t need many tools during the setup phase. But if you’re yet to mount or install the TV, you might want to start with that first. Installing your Samsung TV is a delicate affair. You won’t enjoy the TV while it sits in a box. 

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Smart Lighting for Home

You have to start with knowing the type of wall you intend to install your TV on. Some of the kinds of walls available include drywall, ceramic tiles, marble, or brick wall. Whatever wall you intend to install your TV on determines the tools you’ll need. To avoid breaking your wall, you must use the appropriate mounting tools and hardware for your wall type. But for now, the general tools you’ll need includes;


Tape Measure

Power Drill

Philips Head Screwdriver

Stud Finder and Drywall hardware (this is specifically for mounting your TV onto a hollow wall)


Drill and screws

The plate for the wall.

A large area about the size of the TV you intend to install. 

A Soft Surface to Protect the Screen.

You’ll also need a helping hand to help you lift the TV and mount it onto the wall. 

Now that you know the tools required to install or mount your Samsung TV, you can proceed to install. If you don’t know how to install it or are unsure what type of wall you have, it’s best to reach out to a professional to help you install it. He’ll know the right tools and the proper mounting technique for your wall type. 


The first thing you should know before you set up your Samsung Smart TV is that regardless of the TV size you purchase, the setup process for all Samsung TVs is the same. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how to set up your Samsung Smart TV regardless of the size. 

Install the TV: The first step is to install your TV. You’ll need to mount the TV first using the best technique for your wall. 

Power On: Next, turn on the TV using the power button on the remote control. You can either do the setup process on your phone by downloading the SmartThings app.

Connect All Your Devices to the TV: You can choose to do this later or now. But it requires you to connect all the devices your devices to the TV via the HDMI ports. These devices would include your game box, antenna, console, etc. If you don’t have any of these, skip this step. 

Connect to the Internet: You’ll need to connect your TV to the internet to activate all of its smart features. Connect to your wireless network and fill in the password. 

Terms and Conditions: Just like when you download a new app on your mobile phone, you have to agree to the terms and conditions, your Samsung Smart TV requires you to also agree to the terms and conditions. 

Setup Samsung Account: If you’re a return Samsung User, you’ll need to log in to your Samsung account. On the flip side, if you’re using Samsung for the first time, you’ll have to create a new account. Log in to on your laptop or mobile device as you won’t be able to create a new account on the TV. After creating the account, proceed to log into your account on the TV.

Choose Your Preferred Voice Assistant: On Samsung TV, you get the chance to choose between Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Bixby. Feel free to skip this step, especially if you’re fine with the remote control.

Backup Data: This process is relevant, especially because it saves your selected choices on the TV. That way, if you need to reset your TV, you’ll quickly restore the TV’s settings by accessing the backed-up data in the cloud. 

ZIP Code: The TV requires you to punch in your Zipcode to complete the setup. So, it’s necessary to do this step. Otherwise, you won’t proceed to the next step.

Confirm Connected Devices: Samsung would show you a summary of the devices you connected to the TV. It would also let you know if you can control the devices using the Samsung remote. Don’t worry; you won’t go through this step if you do not connect any device to your TV.

Amazon Account: Now is a great time to connect your TV to your Amazon account. Do this via the link on your phone or computer. 

Increase the Apps on Smart Hub: While Samsung Smart TV already includes apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc., you can add other apps to Smart Hub like your CBS, Apple Music, etc.

Viola, you’re ready to enjoy premium entertainment on your Samsung Smart TV. 


Before you install your Samsung Smart TV, there are a few factors to consider. When you consider these factors, you won’t have to go through the stress of reinstalling because watching anything on the TV is excruciating. 

  1. Where to Mount the TV? When trying to decide whether you want to mount the TV or leave it on a stand, there are certain things you should consider. For starters, does the size of the room permits you to mount the TV or Leave it on a Stand? Also, you have to consider which of the two options you prefer. If you’ve decided to mount your TV on a wall, you should also consider other factors like;
  • Viewing Distance: You should consider the viewing distance before you proceed to mount your TV. The reason is, you do not want to develop neck aches or squint your eyes to see the TV. An easy way to determine your TV viewing is to divide the TV’s size by 0.55. If you have a 32-inch TV, to get the correct viewing distance for your room and the TV’s size is to divide 32 by 0.55. As a result, the appropriate viewing distance for a 32-inch TV is 58 inches. 
  • The Wall: Another feature to consider is the wall. You have to ensure that your wall is strong enough to hold the weight of your TV. You have to attach your wall mount to a stud or attach the stud to a drywall anchor. 
  • Above Fireplace Mount: If you’re an artistic person and you think mounting your Samsung TV above the fireplace is a fantastic idea, you might be right. But that only holds if you rarely use the fireplace. The truth is, Samsung TVs can’t withstand the heat that’s more than 104-degree Fahrenheit. Aside from the heat being an issue, you might also want to consider that ash from the wood-burning in the fireplace could settle on the TV.
  1. Mount Height: This factor considers how high you intend to mount your TV. But before you determine the height of the mount, you should consider the location. That is, where do you want to mount the TV? Is it in your bedroom or living room, a bar or a lounge? If you’ll mount it in your living room, ensure it’s not too high up, as you’ll most likely sit on a couch while you watch. If you’re going to mount the TV in a bar, then you have to mount it up, as most people would comfortably view it from a high stool.  
  2. Wall Mount: You want to consider if the wall mount you intend to use is compatible with your TV. If you choose to use a VESA mount, you’re in luck as most Samsung TVs are VESA compliant. The best part is that there are VESA mounts designed to fit your TV’s size. Some of the available VESA bolts include;

100 by 100 to mount a 19–22-inch TV

200 by 100 to mount a 23-29-inch TV

200 by 200 to mount a 30-43-inch TV

400 by 400 to mount a 46-75-inch TV

600 by 400 to mount a 75-inch TV or TV with a larger inch size. 

You should order your VESA mount from Samsung as it always comes with accessories that would be useful for your TV mounting process. 

  1. Replacement Wall Mounting Screws: It’s essential to consider getting replacement mounting screws just in case. You could skip this part because you can easily purchase a mounting screw from Samsung parts. You can also get a universal TV mounting screw kit from any ecommerce store. Just ensure that the mounting screw is the perfect size for your TV. 


Now that you know almost everything you should know about mounting your Samsung TV, feel free to try the DIY technique. The truth is, depending on the model, Samsung TVs can be very expensive, and you can’t carry them all by yourself. But of course, you’ll need the help of a friend or family member to pull it off. 

When you feel as though mounting and setting up your Samsung TV is a daunting task, feel free to reach out to a professional to take over the job. Remember, you want to ensure you’re following the rules of your wall type when it comes to mounting the TV.