How To Restart The Fitbit Charge 5 Without A Charger?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

As a Fitbit Charge 5 owner, there can be situations you have to restart your Fitbit charge 5. We found three main ways to restart your device, and one requires you to keep the Fitbit Charge 5 charger with you. What if you don’t have your charger?

Restart Fitbit charge 5 without a charger

We found these 02 methods that don’t require a charger.

Custom Restart

It will help you to go through a restart within less than just a minute, and none of your data will be lost.

  • Note: Your device must typically work when you follow these steps. If you have either a frozen r a stuck screen, you can’t use this method.
  • Go to clockface
  • Swipe down until you see Settings app and tap
  • Swipe up and tap on Restart Device
  • Then, confirm it with “Restart.”

If your device has successfully gone through restart, first you will see Fitbit Logo and then the watch face.

Hard Reset

Custom resetting on Fitbit Charge 5 is a process that includes restarting as a step. We saw that users had gone through the custom restart and had not made any progress.

If you have errors in the Data syncing, being slow, and lack of data shows, we recommend you go through this method.

Note: This method will clear data on your device and disconnect it from your phone. It means you will have to re-connect your smartphone device after resting.

  • Go to clockface
  • Swipe down until you see Settings app and tap
  • Find “Device Info” and tap on it
  • Then swipe up and tap on “Clear User Data.”
  • You will see a Blue Button that says “Hold 3 Sec”. Tap and hold on to that button for 03 seconds until a blue box completes its formation.
  • The screen will shut down and turn on with the Fitbit logo on it.
  • The activation date will display on display, and that concludes both resetting and Restarting.

Warning: Don’t try to reset the Fitbit charge 5 by inserting small paper clips or similar sharpened items into the sensor holes of the Fitbit devices. There is not such mechanism to reset the device. 

We found this article on the internet that tells you how to restart your Fitbit Charge 5 when it is not responding.

Note: You should have the fitbit charge 5 charging cable to follow this method.


We have explained you two simple ways to restart your Fitbit device. If you have a frozen or a black clockface that doesn’t respond, you must have the Fitbit Charge 5 Charger to restart your device.

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