How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung Smart TV?

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

Undoubtedly, Samsung TV has secured a top position in the market for decades. It is known to create brilliant TVs and successfully keep them in touch with smart trends. That’s why most people take advantage of this technology, especially by connecting their Bluetooth headphones to Samsung TVs. 

So, do you want to connect headphones with Samsung Smart TV? If so, we have come up with an easy guide that helps you pair your Samsung TV with any Bluetooth headphone, including boat, Sony, Airpod, and many more. 

Before coming to the step-by-step guide, let us know how to check if your Samsung TV has a Bluetooth device or not. 

How to check if Samsung TV has Bluetooth? 

Obviously, if you want to pair the Bluetooth headphone with Samsung Smart TV, you should ensure that your TV has Bluetooth. So, how do you know?

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Here’s how you can check it.

· One of the easiest tricks to check Bluetooth is GOOGLE. Search your model number and its features. 

· If Samsung TV comes with a smart remote, so it indeed supports the Bluetooth device.

· Another method to check Bluetooth is to check the settings then open the sound output and Bluetooth speaker list. 

· If you are not a tech-expert, then consult all things with the salesman. 

How to connect a Bluetooth device to your Samsung TV (General guide)?

Here in this short guide, you can learn how to pair a Bluetooth device with your Samsung TV. 

1. Search for the source then the connection guide via remote.

2. Opt for the desired category for the Bluetooth device, i.e., audio device.

3. Choose Bluetooth. 

4. Refresh the list on the Samsung TV and see the device appears.

5. Highlight the Bluetooth device and select the pair and connect.

Despite that, every Bluetooth device is different and not easy to connect. So, here we have shared the short Guide on connecting various Bluetooth devices with Samsung Smart TV.

How to connect Sennheiser headphones to Samsung Smart TV?

If you want to connect Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones to your TV, so don’t worry. Here is the method to pair it. 

1. Check if the TV has an in-built Bluetooth feature, so get your Sennheiser Headphones into paring mode. If you’re having trouble, then read the Sennheiser manual. 

2. Go to your TV’s Bluetooth menu, search & and choose Sennheiser headphones to connect them with your Samsung TV. 

3. During this step, you may adjust the Volume of Sennheiser headphones via remote. 

If your TV does not have in-built Bluetooth, you can connect it with Bluetooth Transmitter for TV such as Avantree Audikast plus and many more. 

How to connect Bose headphones to Samsung Smart TV using Bluetooth?

Bose is one of the highest quality headphones that cut noise and deliver the best music in your ear so, if you want to connect Samsung TV with your Bose headphones, these steps are to be followed.

  1. Choose the right cables

Before connecting Bose headphones with Samsung TV, you must check the port to determine which cable is the best. However, most cables often depend on the user’s choice. The most common connection is HDMI, as it offers a digital connection that allows the TV and soundbar to work together. 

Other options are auxiliary cable and optical cable, and these are also easy options for linking your Smart TV and Headphones. 

  1. Make the connections

Once you have decided on your cable like HDMI, pair your Bose headphones with Samsung Smart TV. Then locate the HDMI port in the Bose Speaker and connect its other hand. Then Turn on the soundbar and television and choose select source followed by Function. Next, then opt for the HDMI option to maintain the bridge connection between devices. 

  1. Bluetooth connections

If you want to connect Bluetooth, press the pair button on Bose speaker. Then turn on the television and search the menu, then locate and select sources. Then turn on your television and search for the menu to find the sources, followed by a connection guide. Then choose the device you want to select to stream the TV. 

How to connect Sony headphones to Samsung TV Using Bluetooth?

Sony headphone is yet another of the best Bluetooth headphones that give you the best quality, so if you want to connect Sony headphones to Samsung Smart TV with the following steps. 

1. Launch the Bluetooth settings and choose the settings menu

2. Open Network & accessories menu

3. Start the Bluetooth, ensure it stays activated

4. Now add a device you want to connect, such as SONY

5. If you have already done this, tap on the pair my device option. 

6. Once your device is connected, you will see a pop-up menu to ensure the device is connected.

7. In case anything goes wrong, repeat the whole steps again and enjoy the paired device.

How to connect Airpods Bluetooth device to your Samsung Smart TV?

If you have AirPods to connect it with your Samsung Smart TV, so these are the steps to be followed. 

· Put your Airpods in pairing mode by tapping on the pairing button, which is on the back. 

· Hold the button for a long until it does not start showing a white flashlight. 

· Turn on the Samsung Smart TV and enable the Bluetooth settings.

· Choose the Airpod device from the Bluetooth settings list and connect it.

· In case if TV is not supporting your device, then make it available on TV.

How to connect RF headphones to Samsung Smart TV using Bluetooth?

If you are using RF or infrared headphones on your Samsung Smart TV, then one must follow the given steps. 

Note- these steps can be performed to connect any device with your Smart TV.

  1. Go to the back of your TV and connect the one end of the audio cable to the audio out or monitor jack.
  • To hear sound on both TV and Headphones you need to connect the Headphones to cable satellite box instead TV. 
  • You may also need to change the speaker settings to hear the sound from both devices. 
  • If you are connected with the Monitor Out jack, you can hear the sound from the TV speakers as well as the Bluetooth headphones at the same time. 
  • Or if you are connected with Audio out, then it is necessary to disable the speakers if you want to use your headphones. 
  1. On the back of the transmitter, you can connect the audio cable to the other end to AUDIO IN Jack.
  2. Then connect the AC adapter into the transmitter DC IN 9V ad then plug it into the wall outlet.
  3. Now adjust the TV volume to the desired level
  4. Turn on your Bluetooth device and adjust the level as per your need.

How to enable Bluetooth on the Samsung Smart TV?

Here’s how you can do this.

1. Launch the TV settings on your TV

2. Search for the sound

3. Tap on select sound output

4. Choose Bluetooth speaker settings

5. Turn on Bluetooth, and it starts searching for devices.

6. Connect to your desired network and enjoy the output

Samsung TV can’t find Bluetooth Headphones: Pairing Problems & Solutions!

If you can’t pair your Bluetooth device to your Samsung Smart TV, the following are the paring problems and solutions that can help you fix the issue. 

  1. Check the user manual: There are many headphones that go into pairing mode when you use them for the first time. But when you use it for a second time, then hunt down the user manual and know the instructions on how to fix the issue or pair the devices to avoid any mistake. Keep in mind, especially touch modes have their own method of use. 
  1. Disconnect other devices: If you see your device is connected with multiple devices like an iPad or more, then ensure you have disconnected them all. Some headphones connect to multiple devices, while some do not. Go to the settings and turn off and on the Bluetooth to fix the issue.
  1. Turn off other headphones: It is similar to the above step, but the only difference is you have to disconnect the multiple headphones. Ensure no other is using headphones if you are getting trouble in connection. 
  1. Keep your battery recharged: If your headphone battery is low, then it is the obvious reason you’re not able to connect the headphones. To keep it fixed, recharge your Headphones and then use them for pairing. 
  1. Check the compatibility: Just like other technology, Bluetooth also has gone under many reviews and tests. Therefore, before pairing the headphones to your Samsung Smart TV. There are certain headphones that may not connect to very old phones or TV models. 

How to connect multiple Bluetooth Headphones Samsung Smart TV?      

Yes, there are many TV brands that offer multiple Bluetooth headphones systems. Samsung is also one of the best among them. So, before using it on your Samsung TV, Make sure you have checked the User manual that comes with your smart TV, or you can call customer support. 

Before performing these steps, ensure your Smart TV has a 5.0 Bluetooth version. However, if your Smart TV has dual audio Bluetooth devices, the setup may require it to make it in use. Here are the genic steps you would perform on your Smart TV.

  • Launch the Smart TV settings
  • Choose Bluetooth settings
  • Select Advanced Bluetooth options
  • Select the dual audio
  • Pair the one device to the Smart TV and then to the next device

Perhaps you know that there are many devices that you can use to connect multiple devices with Smart TV. All you need to do is understand the important factors, such as the devices and equipment you need. 

You will be lucky if your TV supports Bluetooth single and dual both, then your work will become easier. However, if your TV does not support Bluetooth, then using apps like BOSE connect or Ultimate Ears Blast can help you.

How do I increase the Volume on my Samsung Bluetooth Headset?

If you want to increase the volume of your Bluetooth headsets, so following steps can help you achieve the higher Volume. 

  1. Go to the settings on Smart TV and check the sounds and vibration option.
  2. Choose Volume and increase it as per your choice.
  3. Sometimes headphones do support volume increase buttons; use them for enjoying good music.

How to connect wireless headphones to Samsung TV without Bluetooth?

Here are the ways you can connect your wireless headphones to Samsung TV.  

Note- the connectivity depends on the types of headphones you are using. 

1. Suppose you have wireless headphones that use RFT (radio frequency transmission) than Bluetooth, then you can connect your headphones easily with Smart TV.

2. If you are using headphones or an AUX connection, you can use it as a Bluetooth alternate. But it comes with certain limitations. 

Wrapping things up

Nowadays, technology has increased in a wider sense. Thus, nothing seems inpossible. All you need user manual and the guidance of an expert. So, we hope you liked our guide and got the useful information you need. Good Luck!