How Do I View My Reolink Camera On My Computer?

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Reolink Client may now be opened on your computer, the camera can be added, and a live view can be seen immediately. The IP camera’s UID must be entered into the program to remotely view the camera from another laptop that is not part of the same network.

Can You Access Reolink Camera Remotely?

In the case of Reolink battery-powered security cameras, up to eight people may simultaneously use their smartphones to see the IP cameras online. 

Additionally, the Reolink non-battery CCTV cameras may be accessed through the Internet by up to 12 people at once from anywhere in the world.

How Do I View My Reolink Camera On My Computer?

As a result, how would you broadcast IP cameras over the Internet without using the UID method? In addition, how do we set up a web-based security camera? 

samsung smart tv
samsung smart tv

Systematic instructions are provided below for setting up your IP camera to be accessed remotely via port forwarding, which applies to all brands of security cameras and NVRs.

  • Identify Your Security Camera’s IP Address

The first step in accessing the Internet to see your CCTV cameras is to locate your camera’s IP address. Your network’s status, such as the IP address of the security camera, is often shown on a page in the software for security camera installations. 

You can get your camera’s IP address by clicking “Device Settings” and going to “Network > Status” after running Reolink Client on the PC and login into the camera. 

Alternatively, you may search in the router’s setup software for a screen that displays all IP addresses of any associated DHCP clients.

  • Do A Check On Your Router’s WAN/External IP Address

Your home network’s current WAN Ip may be found by going to this page. However, it’s important to note that since most ISPs provide dynamic IP numbers to their clients, your exterior IP address may be subject to periodic change.

Your IP cameras may be accessed remotely using a DDNS service instead of manually checking the router’s WAN IP address while you’re away from home. 

When you use DDNS, you don’t have to memorize the Ip, making it easier to see Cctv from any location utilizing the Internet. It’s possible to learn how to access any Reolink IP cameras with DDNS remotely.

  • Verify The Camera Port And Ports Forwarded To The Router (If Applicable)

When using an IP camera during remote viewing, you’ll need to know the port numbers. Routers use ports to distinguish between many devices and restrict access to your IP camera. 

Using different port numbers will allow you to observe both of your IP cameras from afar if you have them both connected to your network. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to change the port numbers.

Setting up port forwarding rules on your router is the next step in configuring surveillance IP cameras for extrasensory perception once you have gotten the “HTTP port” and “RTMP port.”

  • The URL May Be Entered Here

Open a web browser and type in the URL address that includes your WAN Port numbers to complete the process of remotely watching an IP camera.

What Is The Default Login For Reolink Cameras?

The default login and password for Reolink devices are admin and blank, respectively (no password). If you can’t remember your password, you can reset your phone. 

To log into Reolink Default Login, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions. Several websites out there will try to confuse you into doing it. There is, however, a far more straightforward method. It’s as easy as following the guidelines provided here.

To access the official Reolink Default Login page, click on the official link provided below. When users click the link, a new tab will appear, allowing you to continue reading the instructions and, if necessary, perform the suggested fixes.

Log in with your username and password. Reolink Default Login must have provided them to you when you signed up or through your authority as a Reolink Default Login administrator.

The message “Successfully logged in” should appear now. You have now successfully signed into Reolink Default Login. 

How Do I Find My Reolink Camera IP Address?

What is the significance of the IP camera address? If you know what is a Camera is or how it works, you will know what I mean:

Digital video cameras that transmit and receive data via the Internet are called IP cameras. To locate, monitor, and administer each camera remotely, requires an IP camera address. 

It’s also common for CCTV cameras to receive their IP’s on the network in two methods. DHCP-capable routers and NVRs (network video recorders) may automatically issue unique IP video addresses to a camera you’re using to connect them. 

Whether you can’t detect the Aerial photograph on the network, check to see if DHCP is enabled. Depending on the camera manufacturer, you may have to do this manually in the camera’s settings. 

Wireless security cameras require physical network cable connections for the first setup to get an IP camera address and attach it to your home router network. 

As long as you have a Smartphone with a QR code scanner, you can wirelessly connect your battery-powered cameras to a WiFi network.

Here are four ways to determine a camera’s IP address:

Use The Surveillance Camera Companion Application To Locate The IP Camera’s IP Address

This is the simplest method for obtaining the IP address of a security camera. Check the Network page of the CCTV camera software for the IP address of the security camera (mobile app or PC client). 

The IP address of your camera will be shown on the network page. The IP address of a CCTV camera may be obtained in two simple ways. Take a look at Reolink cameras:

  • Reolink is a free app that can be installed on any phone or computer.
  • Go to the device’s settings and look for the IP address of the security camera under the Network Status heading.

Using The Router’s Setup Program, Locate The IP Camera’s Address

The “DHCP Clients Table” or “Attached Devices” tab of the router’s setup software may also be used to acquire the IP address of your security camera. The IP of all the devices connected to the router is shown. 

With the unique MAC address of any security camera, you can immediately determine the camera’s IP address. Reolink camera addresses may be readily found by following the following steps:

  • The router’s IP address serves as the gateway.
  • Using the camera’s software, you may find out the IP camera’s MAC address.
  • The IP camera address may be found on the WiFi setup page > DHCP server section using the camera MAC address.

Use An IP Camera IP Finder To Locate The Correct Location

Online, there are several tools for finding IP camera addresses and scanners. If you use Advanced IP Scanner on your PC or Fing on your mobile device, you may see the IP addresses, MAC addresses, and manufacturers of all Internet-connected devices.

URL Of The Cameras Settings Page May Be Used To Get The CCTV IP Address

The IP address of your security camera may be found by looking at the URL of the camera’s setup page if you have permission to it. 

One thing to remember: the IP surveillance address appears at the very top of your browser’s address bar. IP address may be found in the security camera’s settings page URL if it starts “”.


To connect or set up the security cameras on the computer, you may also use third-party software. Ascertain that the software can manage all of the network’s cameras and support all of the cameras’ functions. 

Typically, third-party software is available in a variety of formats. Additionally, a premium version is required to access the entire camera’s functionality.

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