Does your Ring doorbell require a subscription?

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While planning to have a Ring video doorbell, you may be getting stuck in a dilemma of whether you need to buy a subscription for your Ring or not. Well, in short, yes, your Ring doorbell requires a subscription to continue the additional features.

Therefore, before the free trial of your Ring ends, you should buy a subscription or, in other words, a Ring plan.

So, your Ring doorbell can continue to provide the extra features, including recorded footage, video sharing, snapshot, ring alarm systems covering other benefits, professional monitoring, etc.

Otherwise, your Ring device may not continue these features, and maybe you will lose all recorded video footage. Not only that, but also it will not store new events anymore.

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However, although without a subscription, your Ring video doorbell device won’t be that much useless actually.

If your Ring device doesn’t have a subscription, it will only provide the standard and basic Ring features such as instant alerts based on your doorbell’s motion detector, real-time live view, two-way talk, etc.

Yet, the best recommendation for you is to purchase a Ring subscription. So, you can enjoy some premium features, which make your Ring doorbell device more effective than before.

Does your Ring device require a monthly fee?

All right, if you purchase a Ring subscription, it will offer your two Ring protect plans- one is the Ring Protect plan, and the other is Ring Protect Plus. Both of these planes will require a monthly fee as well as a yearly fee.

Yet, they don’t require any contractual obligations. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this, and you can easily pay the subscription fee monthly or yearly. However, if you pay this subscription fee with a yearly plan, surprisingly, you may even get a slight discount.

If you buy a subscription for your Ring video doorbell with the Ring Protect Basic plan, it will cost you at 3$ per month, and if it’s a yearly plan, it will cost you only 30$ per year.

However, the other Ring Protect Plus plan is more expensive than the Ring Protect Basic Plan. Thus, if you purchase the Ring Protect Plus plan, it will cost you about 10$ as a monthly fee or 100$ as a yearly subscription fee.

Well, although it’s an expensive plan yet, the thing is you will get some extra added features compared to the Ring Protect plan including, extra warranty, cellular backup, 10% discount on purchasing some selected Ring doorbell devices, professional monitoring, etc.

So, I will recommend you buy a subscription with the Ring Protect Plus plan to get the best plan for yourself.

Here is a subscription fee chart for you, so you can get an idea of how much it will cost you while purchasing a Ring Protect Plan.

Ring Protect PlanMonthly feeYearly fee
Ring Protect Basic Plan$3/month – America
£2.50/month – UK
$5/month – Canada (CAD)
$4/month – Australia (AUD)
€3/month – Europe  
$30/year – America
£25/year – UK
$50/year – Canada (CAD)
$40/year – Australia (AUD)
€30/year – Europe
Ring Protect Plus Plan$10/month – America
£8/month – UK
$15/month – Canada (CAD)
$15/month – Australia (AUD)
€10/month – Europe
$100/year – America
£80/year – UK
$150/year – Canada (CAD)
$150/year – Australia (AUD)
€100/year – Europe
As per 07/09/2021

How does a Ring video doorbell work without a plan?

As I mentioned before, your Ring video doorbell can work without a plan by providing only its basic features. So, if the Ring device doesn’t have a Ring Protect Plan, it doesn’t mean that it can’t work; rather, you can still use its standard features that come with your ring doorbell.

Yet, surprisingly, some ring devices don’t require a subscription to continue their function with all features such as the Ring smart lightbulb.

However, the basic features that your ring device will provide without a subscription are as follows-

  1. Instant Alerts Based on Motion Detection

The first thing first you expect from your ring doorbell device is to get an instant alert. Here, the startling fact is that your Ring device will provide you this instant alert based on its motion detection feature.

And for this, your Ring doorbell doesn’t require a plan. Without having a plan, it offers you this incredible feature.

When someone is at your doorstep and presses the Ring doorbell, the camera of your doorbell device detects some motion and sends you an instant alert. Therefore, you will get an alert on your phone or other devices you have already set up the Ring.

  1. A Real-Time Live View

You will also receive a real-time live view of your doorstep without a plan. After you have received an instant alert, you need to click away to enter a live view of your doorstep.

  1. Integration Of Google Home as Well as Alexa

Not only that, but it will also offer you easy integration of your google home and Alexa. You can conveniently use a smart voice assistant such as Amazon Echo and Echo show to stream your Ring doorbell camera live-view.

  1. Theft Protection Feature

Moreover, without a subscription, you can get a theft protection feature from your Ring doorbell device. You can easily report the theft of the Ring device within 15 days so that you can get a free replacement. And, for this, you really don’t have to purchase a Ring plan.

Does Ring have any subscriptions?

A Ring device works more efficiently with a Ring Protect Plan subscription. However, I have already mentioned the subscription of Ring devices.

You will find two subscription Ring Protect Plans for your Ring doorbell- Ring Protect Basic Plan and Ring Protect Plus Plan.

With the help of the Ring Protect Basic Plan, your Ring doorbell usually will activate recording the video footage for only one device per location.

Yet, with the help of the Ring Protect Plus Plan, your Ring device will activate recording the video footage for all devices at your home. Besides, it will also offer 24/7-Professional Monitoring for the Alarm system of your Ring device.

How long does Ring Device last without a subscription?

Generally, after setting up a new Ring doorbell, you will get a 30-day free trial of the Ring Protect Basic Plan.

Therefore, while using the free trial, you can experience the Ring Plan benefits and finally can decide and choose the best plan for you.

However, as it’s a 30-day free trial, it will end after 30 days. So, basically, the additional features of your ring device last only 30 days without a subscription.

Yet, some retailers sometimes offer special promotions for the Ring devices with different trial periods.

Final verdict

So, after reading the whole article, what do you think- Does your Ring doorbell require a subscription or not?

Well, Ring has become one of the most popular home security systems that provide a bunch of incredible features. Yet, with a Ring subscription, you will get more additional premium features that are more functional.

And, thus, you will experience a better security service from your Ring video doorbell devices. So, it will obviously be a wise decision if you purchase a Ring Protect Plan for your Ring doorbell.