Does ecobee work with Vivint?

Nothing feels better like living in a comfy and secure place. The sense of peace and satisfaction is incomparable. The good news is that Vivint’s smart home company is committed to nothing less than that.

However, recently they have had their best shot of innovation.

This world-shaking company, a step further, ensured that their devices are even compatible with an ecobee. Consequently, you can control them just like the heat pump or the door looks.

Couldn’t it get better, right? Let’s dive into the details.

Vivint devices compatible with ecobee

Vivint is a home-oriented company that is based in  Provo, Utah, United States. This company has come as a rescue to most homeowners due to their intelligent devices that are ideal for a safer and smarter home.

To top it off?

Most of the Vivint devices are ecobee compatible. Consequently, you can intuitively and quickly control them.

But what are these devices am I talking about?

  • Home security systems
Smart Lighting for Home video

Is your home security making you have sleepless nights? Worry no more. With a simple touch, you can rest peacefully assured that your home is secure.

I am not kidding. This is the deal!

Vivint company avails top-tier security systems that incorporate the latest technologies. Consequently, they avail of a system that works 24×7, and that integrates the latest technologies such as ecobee and Google products.

To top it off?

ecobee homekits have motion detectors that tell which parts of the home are active and can also be set to help alert on any intruder’s presence.

Consequently, you can configure the two devices to reinforce the safety mechanisms and get notified in case of a security threat despite your location.

The best part?

The installation process of the ecobee and Vivint only needs you to install the plugins.  Even better, the Vivint company offers after purchase services and readily available customer support. Hence, they can do it for you.

  • Home automation systems

What is that you think if it was automated, it could take the comfort of your house to a whole new level? Vivint automation devices allow you to pre-set compatible devices settings as you wish.

Is it your ecobee thermostat that is consuming a lot of energy? Then configuring it to a Vivint will clear away your troubles.

  • Lightning control and smart thermostat

If you are tired of continually switching on the lights, ecobee and Vivint is here for you.

Using the smart motion sensors in the ecobee and Vivint’s lighting systems, you can program the lighting systems in your home.

  • Doorbell video cameras

The Vivint and ecobee systems go a step beyond alerting you of the guest’s presence on your door.

Truthfully, you can set and share passcodes to only allow specific guests to get it.

Consequently, you will no longer feel vulnerable to hospitality.

  • HVAC system control

When I said that Vivint with ecobee is committed to giving unmatchable home comfort, I exactly meant that.

Check out this.

The Vivint devices have motion sensors that can communicate with smart thermostats from ecobee to appropriately adjust the room temperatures.

Subsequently, even without your notice, the thermostat will automatically adjust the temperatures without your involvement.

Additionally, unlike the other uses of ecobee and Vivint, in this case, you do not require an expert to do the configuration for you. 

Below are the steps on how to customize thermostat settings via the Vivint Sky mobile app.

Step 1: click on the temperatures icon.

Step 2: now, on the upper right-hand corner, select the settings icon.

Step 3: after pressing on the settings icon, you can now select the desired temperature settings and leave the ecobee and Vivint to sort the rest.

Check the below YouTube video.

ecobee or nest for Vivint?

Most people are left in a dilemma if to choose ecobee instead of the nest for a Vivint device or vice versa. 

Though the choice between the two depends on your uses. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t fail to highlight that most people are using ecobee.

However, to avoid biasness, let us have the differences between ecobee and nest. 

ScheduleUses a conventional schedule based entirely on your settingsCan make a few assumptions based on typical human settings
Voice controlGoogle Home and Amazon AlexaGoogle Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Homekit
GeofencingFully supportPartial support(only on the phone)
C wireMust have c-wireCan be installed without c-wire

Frequently asked questions

What is the use of ecobee and Vivint?

Configuring Vivint into the ecobee has numerous advantages.

They both have motion sensors that can adjust the thermostat appropriately, turn on the lights when a motion is detected, lock the doors, and even act as your home guard.

How do I configure ecobee with Vivint?

Vivint has several uses. Some of them are home security, lighting control, HVAC control, among many others.

In contrast, there are several versions of ecobee, such as ecobee 3. Ecobee 3 LITE and ecobee 4.

What am I driving at?

The configuration process of ecobee and Vivint depends on the ecobee version and the type of Vivint device. However, honestly, in most cases, you will require an expert.

What devices work with Vivint?

Vivint is constructed to work with most digital devices seamlessly. Besides, most of the configuration process is very straightforward, or even better; the Vivint experts can do them for you at a budget-friendly price.

Some of these devices include; Nest thermostat, Google Home, Amazon Echo, indoor cameras, among many others.

Is Vivint worth the money?

Do you value your home safety? What of the comfort? If you do, then undeniably, you would agree that Vivint is worth an investment.

Additionally, they have readily available customer care and very budget-friendly devices.


Are you wondering what on what to do to improve your home’s comfort? The Vivint devices and ecobee are two main indispensable items for every homeowner.

They enormously escalate the level of automation of multiple devices. Among them are home security systems, lighting, and thermostats.

Lastly, the configuration and wiring process of Vivint and ecobee depends on the system type and the ecobee version. However, in most cases, an expert will be needed. 

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