Can I Put an Airtag on My Motorcycle?

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Dr H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic expert with 10 years of experience, involved in the research and development of SMART HOME systems.

Yes, you can put an AirTag on your motorcycle to help track it if stolen. AirTags utilize Apple’s Find My network to allow iPhone users to locate lost items. By discreetly hiding an AirTag on your bike, you can monitor its location through the Find My app on your iPhone. This article explores recommendations on the best spots to conceal an AirTag on your motorcycle, such as inside the handlebar grips or seat. It also evaluates the benefits and limitations of using AirTags for motorcycle tracking compared to alternatives like dedicated GPS trackers. Key factors covered include integration with the Apple ecosystem, cost, ease of setup, privacy concerns, real-time tracking capabilities, and additional features. While AirTags can aid theft recovery, they rely on proximity to Apple devices to relay locations and have a delay in tracking activation. Overall, the article aims to provide motorcycle owners an informed look at whether an AirTag is the right tracking solution for their needs and riding circumstances.

How to Hide an AirTag on Your Motorcycle?

Inside Handlebar Grips: An AirTag can be hidden inside the handlebar grips of your motorcycle. To achieve this, carefully remove the end caps of the handlebar grips and tuck the AirTag inside. This location is discreet and offers protection from the elements while maintaining the AirTag’s signal strength.

AirTag hidden inside the handlebar grip of a motorcycle

Under the Seat or Inside the Frame: Hide the AirTag under the seat or within the frame tube of your motorcycle. There are usually a few voids within the frame where the AirTag can be concealed. You can use strong adhesive tape or zip ties to secure the AirTag in place, ensuring it remains hidden and secure​​.

Attachment using Cable Lock or Rubber Band: Depending on the type and design of your motorcycle, using a strong cable lock or rubber bands can be used to secure the AirTag to the frame. This method is more conspicuous but allows for a firm attachment, ensuring the AirTag remains in place even during rough rides​​.

Additional Considerations: When hiding an AirTag on your motorcycle, consider the accessibility for battery replacement, the signal strength for tracking, and the level of concealment to deter theft.

Can I Put an AirTag on My Honda Motorcycle?

AirTags are designed to deter unwanted tracking. If an AirTag is placed on your motorcycle, and it gets stolen, your iPhone will notify you when it’s traveling with you. Over time, if the AirTag isn’t found, it will start emitting a sound to alert you​​.

A motorcyclist in Washington was able to recover his stolen motorcycle using Apple’s AirTag, demonstrating its potential usefulness despite not being a standard motorcycle security measure​.

Benefits of Using an AirTag to Track Your Motorcycle

Enhanced Theft Recovery: AirTags can significantly aid in theft recovery due to their real-time location tracking feature accessible via the Find My app on your Apple device​​.

Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to other Apple products and some tracking devices, AirTags are relatively inexpensive, making them an appealing choice for budget-conscious individuals​​.

Person tracking motorcycle's location using Find My app with an AirTag

Limitations of Using an AirTag to Track Your Motorcycle

Dependency on Other Apple Devices: The effectiveness of AirTags relies on the proximity of other Apple devices to locate and communicate the position of the tracked motorcycle, which could be a limitation in areas with fewer Apple device users​.

Delay in Tracking: The tracking information from AirTags is dependent on the owner activating the ‘Lost’ mode, which could take minutes or even hours after a theft occurs​.

Is an AirTag the Right Motorcycle Tracking Solution for You?

Integration with Apple Ecosystem: AirTags are designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices. If you’re already within the Apple ecosystem, utilizing an AirTag for tracking your motorcycle can be convenient. The Find My app on your iPhone or iPad will allow you to track the location of your motorcycle in real-time, provided that there are other Apple devices nearby to relay the location of the AirTag.

Cost Factor: Compared to dedicated GPS tracking systems, AirTags are relatively inexpensive. However, the cost benefit could be offset if you’re in an area with fewer Apple devices, as the tracking effectiveness of AirTags relies on the presence of other Apple devices nearby.

Ease of Setup: Setting up an AirTag is straightforward. You simply bring the AirTag close to your iPhone, and a setup dialog will appear on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to name your AirTag and register it to your Apple ID.

Privacy Concerns: AirTags have built-in features to prevent unwanted tracking, which is a double-edged sword. If a thief discovers the AirTag and removes it, the tracking capability is lost. Moreover, if the AirTag remains unnoticed, it will start playing a sound after a while, potentially alerting the thief.

Alternatives to Using an AirTag to Track Your Motorcycle

Variety of tracking devices including Monimoto 7, Tile Pro, and Tracki GPS Tracker

Dedicated GPS Trackers: Devices such as Monimoto 7 provide dedicated GPS tracking for motorcycles. Unlike AirTags, they do not rely on nearby devices to relay their location. They come with built-in cellular connectivity to provide real-time location updates directly to your phone, irrespective of how far the motorcycle is from your location​.

Bluetooth Trackers: Other Bluetooth trackers like Tile Pro, Tile Mate, and Chipolo One provide tracking capabilities similar to AirTags but with different feature sets. For instance, the Tile Pro has a 400-foot Bluetooth range and a user-replaceable battery, which could be advantageous depending on your needs​​.

Trackers with Real-Time Tracking: Trackers like the Tracki GPS Tracker offer real-time tracking like dedicated GPS trackers but at a lower price point. They also come with additional features like geo-fencing and speed alerts, providing a more comprehensive tracking solution​​.

Subscription Services: Some tracking devices require a subscription service for access to real-time tracking and other advanced features. While this could be a recurring cost, it might provide more reliable tracking and additional features that can aid in the recovery of your motorcycle in case of theft.