Berennis Smart Light Bulb Review: You May Not Liked It

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Written By Dinu Sri

Dr. H. T. D. S. Madusanka is an electronic enthusiastic, involved in research and development.

BERENNIS LED Smart Wi-Fi Bulb sure adds Millions of color to your lightening experience and offers some really smart features. Same as expected, No hub required, you can connect multiple bulbs in an app.

These lights are smart enough so provide every feature that you might expect from a smart bulb. What I really like about them is the Standard White color, which is pure.

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I also found loopholes as well, some concealed things you need to know.   

Smart Lighting for Home
Smart Lighting for Home

I will try my best to be a Dutch Uncle and guide you through all the important aspects of BERENNIS LED Smart Wi-Fi Bulb.

I will talk about Pros & Cons, guide you through its setup process and conclude on If you should buy this product or not. Stay tuned.


  • Remote Control
  • Dimmable Millions Color
  • Schedule Setting
  • Voice Control
  • Energy Saving


  • Security Issues
  • Poor Reliability
  • Noise issue
  • Brightness issue with Non-White colors

How to Use BERENNIS LED Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs:

Step 01: Install the bulbs; Screw them in

Step 02: Open Magic Home Pro app, Scan the QR code.

Step 03: Follow Installation guide, Connect to a 2.4 GHz network only.

Step 04: Enjoy the experience using any Compatible App.

Let’s Discuss Pros of Berennis Smart Light Bulb

In pros section, we will be talking about the features. The first one is remote control. These are smart bulbs, so you should be expecting efficient remote controlling.

The facility of controlling the device from the comforts of your bed really adds value to your experience as a user. Plus, remote use brigs a lot of facility for the handicapped as well.

I think warm white is plenty bright at full brightness.

Let’s talk about the Millions of colors. I wanted some multicolor lights for my Google Home setup.

These bulbs do fit the bill in that particular context as there is wide range of colors.

Now I can tell Google to change the color or brightness of the lights. Compatibility with Alexa means more facility for Alexa users.

Alexa compatibility brings Effective Voice Control. My personal experience with these bulbs using Alexa has been quite well, they respond well to even a husky command.

I also love the Magic Home APP it was easy to install and easy to setup the light whereas Energy Saving option lets me use them all the day long and I love that.

Schedule setting is another feature. With Bright Home app, you can set the timer once and your lights will turn On/Off, dim, and switch colors as you have directed.   

Let’s Discuss Cons of Berennis Smart Light Bulb

Security Reservations: An Achilles’ heel

It appears that these bulbs are not essentially made to lighten up our place, rather they seem to be spying us. Smart features are just to lure us into their plans.

Why does a bulb require my GPS location? YES, you can’t set up the bulb without providing your GPS location.

Any device like this shouldn’t need GPS location for set up. So I suspect this is some kind of location based data harvesting in the name of smart bulb.

Apart from that, they put Wi-Fi password in the App in plain text, which means they are also storing it in plain text, which is a huge security problem.

Many people have same passwords for many accounts, from bank accounts to social media accounts.

These people will be now vulnerable. Any person who happens to reuse this password, which is stored by the company in the plain text form, is now vulnerable.

The worst part is, you have to choose a server when you log-in. Why on earth do they need bulbs to connect to servers, can’t these lights operate on local networks?

Poor Responsiveness

I have seen people complaining about poor responsiveness to Alexa and the Magic Home app.

One of my friends’ bulbs gone off just after one month. She was off the view that they were poorly manufactured as she tried several times to reset the bulbs by following the instructions but they never shinned back.

They Make Noise:

They blare out man!! Yes, constantly! I severely dislike any noise coming from electronics.

I start losing temper when happens so. High pitched low sound if blares out continuously, damages your hearing as well. On the top of that, it is unbearable at the first place.

Brightness issue with Non-White Colors:

As far as brightness levels are concerned, for colors other than white, the brightness is seriously low. Lowest of the all I have bought till date.  

For any romantic occasion, they don’t bring significant color. Not so great for ceiling lights or lamps. One can also doubt the brightness is as low as 10% of the white.

Problems with the Colors

You can’t check all 16 Million colors, I checked a few ones. Sometimes Dimmed White contains a tinge of Orange, But White when fully bright, shines really well.

Another problem with Alexa compatibility is, Alexa sets it to Bluish White when asked to set to Standard White. But this problems seems to be an Alexa issue.

A Data Collection Scheme

Nowhere in the description did this product say that you need to connect to the internet and set up an account on their website to use this bulb. This is deceptive advertising, as it just says Wi-Fi in the description.

Not so promising Quality:

I also experienced one of my bulbs blinking occasionally but my friend, Zeni, is more revealing in her complaint. “It’s a bit admitting how, for me at least, one bulb keeps disconnecting, so when I turn them off using the app or Alexa, one stays on.”

“They work great most of the time until you try to put multiple actions to the lights on the same “Routine” in Alexa.” She added.


These bulbs are just Ok in performance. I love how they can change colors and on top of that, they are cheap.

Not recommended for Lamps etc. For Night Lights? Perhaps Yes.

Bulbs come with a little card that says, “Leave us a 5 star review on amazon, and we’ll send you more bulbs for free!” So I feel 5 star reviews simply are just not right and deceitful for others trying to read & decide based on them.

For all the Noise Haters, these bulbs are not for you.

They are a Security Scammer, many reasons have been mentioned above. So I suspect these people aren’t selling smart light bulbs. They’re selling data collection.

Their reputation as a trustable product has sure taken a hit.

If I am supposed to separate the wheat from the chaff, I don’t recommend BERENNIS LED Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs. There are better bulbs available in the market to add aesthetics to your experience. You can have a look at the bulbs I reviewed recently.

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